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South Australia/ Northern Territories regional update February 2018

Hear about the latest news and upcoming events in South Australia

In Brief

  • Recent events
  • Upcoming events

Recent Events

8th February 2018 Strategies for Success - Economic Update

One of our first events of the year hosted by the Young CA Panel started with an Economic Update from Aaron Hill, Director Deloitte Access Economics. 78 Members took this opportunity to come along, network with their peers and gain an up-to-date outlook on the latest economic issues and trends facing business in 2018.

This session included:

  • Current factors driving the Global economy
  • A health check of the Australian economy
  • 2018 a look into the “crystal ball”

Economic Update SA NT Feb 2018

13th February 2018 Breakfast with Mr Steven Marshall MP, State Liberal Party Leader

This special event gave invited members the chance to firstly hear from the State Liberal Party Leader about key policy priorities and then they had the opportunity for to raise any high level issues with Mr Marshall MP, questions ranged from long-term strategic decision making, sustainable energy in SA & Liberal Party’s commitment to South Australian business.

Breakfast with Mr Steven Marshall MP, SA NT Feb 2018

Upcoming Events

16th March 2018 FBT Workshop

In this workshop you will consider the key concepts, requirements and opportunities of fringe benefits tax (FBT). By working through examples you will be able to raise issues, share experiences and connect theory with real life examples.

The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of key FBT principles, and enables you to keep on top of changes and developments in the FBT landscape. This workshop will cover the treatment of the following FBT issues: 

  • Car fringe benefits 
  • Loan fringe benefits 
  • Expense payment fringe benefits 
  • Living away from home allowances 
  • Car Parking 
  • Property and residual fringe benefits 
  • Entertainment 
  • Employee Share Schemes 
  • Reportable fringe benefit amounts.

More details can be found on the CA ANZ webstore. On contacting the Regional office on 08 8113 5500


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