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South Australia/ Northern Territories regional update December 2017

Hear about the latest news and upcoming events in South Australia

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Regional Manager’s Update

Over the last month we have been celebrating another fantastic year of engagement with our members. It was definitely another hectic year as we delivered just over 70 local member events across South Australia and Northern Territory, with just under 4,000 members attending those events. Our celebrations have included those who actively engage on our member panels, contribute to our local member events, training programs and CA Program and our South Australian & Northern Territory Regional Council. These celebrations allow us to reflect on why we are Chartered Accountants – everything we do is for our members to be recognised as the trusted leaders in business and finance.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the profession this year. Regional Council and our various local member groups are here to represent the members and provide a voice for the members in the region. We acknowledge you all volunteer a considerable amount of time throughout the year in doing this for which we are truly grateful for.

I’d like to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our 2017 Regional Chair, Nigel Stevenson. Thank you for volunteering your time this year in leading the Regional Council in delivering another stellar year of member engagement across South Australia & Northern Territory. Also, thank you for all the support and guidance you have provided to myself, the Adelaide Office team, Regional Council and the members this year.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

Recent Events

13th November 2017 SA Chartered Accountants Forum - Purpose beyond Profit - Thriving businesses, flourishing communities, prosperous nations

The 2017 SA Chartered Accountants Forum theme Purpose Beyond Profit was designed to excite, inspire and create debate. Over 70 members attended the one day conference held in the Adelaide Office. Throughout the day the attendees were able to listen and engage with 7 speakers and network with the other members 

Our program has been developed to facilitate thought and discussion about a purpose beyond profit. Hear from visionary leaders and business founders as they discuss topics centred on driving purposeful businesses through innovation and excellence, supporting businesses to thrive and communities to flourish.

16th November Strategies for Success: Business & Performance Coaching

Nearly every business is looking to grow, either by the number of clients or the wallet share of each client. At the heart of this is how a business engages clients and then how they manage the clients once they are on the books.  

Over 40 members attended this one hour session that was specifically tailored for Young CA’s and based on a structure on how to engage and manage clients. Too often people go into meetings unprepared and unable to handle a client conversation to lead the client to taking up their services. 

16th November Strategies for Success: Business & Performance Coaching

23rd November Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Over 200 attendees witnessed 108 new Members receive their coveted membership certificates. Held at the magnificent Adelaide Oval it was hosted by Nigel Stevenson Chair of the Regional Council who welcomed and congratulated the new members and also gave a brief overview of the year that was for the CA ANZ organisation, locally, nationally and internationally. The guest speaker Jane Stanton gave an inspirational talk about her professional life that moved everyone in the audience, it was a storey of high flying success, immense challenges, courage and focus combined with the importance of the collegiate nature and ethics of the CA community.

23rd November Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Upcoming Events

11th May 2018 Audit & Accounting 2018

Whether you are an auditor, financial accountant or management accountant, the 2018 Audit and Accounting conference will provide insights into current and future trends as well as the latest updates to meet the demands and key priorities for the year ahead. It will provide you with the essential information you need to know to succeed in your role and add real value to your organisation. Delegates will have opportunities to hear from business leaders, industry experts and keynote speakers on the topics that matter such as:

  • The day to day of an IT hacker and what you should look out for when online
  • Using data analytics and visualisations to provide better insights and for storytelling
  • Learn to adapt in your role to become a successful business partner
  • How to think like an entrepreneur to innovate your way forward
  • Practical impact of Leases, Revenue from Contracts with Customers and Financial Instruments standards
  • How to solve current and practical audit issues in Aged Care, Not-for-Profits and SMSFs

More details can be found on the CA ANZ webstore. On contacting the Regional office on 08 8113 5500

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