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The latest information on lockdowns, stimulus and assistance packages, and other COVID-19 related announcements from the New Zealand and Australian governments.

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  1. Alison Watkins: Difference Makers of 2020

    Alison Watkins takes us through her top takeaways from 2020. As Coca-Cola Amatil boss she's seen a lot of change in 2020. Making her one of our leading Difference Makers...

  2. Zombie Companies Await Insolvency When Stimulus Packages Stop

    Zombie companies that are surviving on the back of government stimulus packages await a slew of insolvencies when the subsidies run out. Click to learn more...

  3. Crisis Management In The Era Of COVID-19

    COVID-19 has led many businesses into an economic downturn, and crisis management and leadership came into play. Some businesses may even see expansion in this time...

  4. Use Business Support To Relaunch Your Business In Economic Crisis

    Are you looking to relaunch your business amongst the economic crisis of COVID-19? Use business support to relaunch your business and be set up for success...

  5. 180 degree shift

    Learn from the best business pivots in the changing business environment in COVID-19. Business changes are necessary to stay afloat or even thrive during coronavirus...

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