Date posted: 19/08/2021

Regional Councils seek new board members

Nominations open now for elections from August through to October

In brief

  • CA ANZ is calling for new members to serve on Regional Councils
  • The election process runs from August through to October
  • Current councillors say their terms have been a positive experience and urge other members to put themselves forward

The value of any membership is intrinsically linked with how connected members feel with each other and the organisation that represents them. 

CA ANZ has local councils across Australia and leadership committees around New Zealand to ensure members have a say in the organisation’s strategic direction and operations. 

“It helps me learn about my professional body in more detail, but also communicate what is important for our WA membership back to the national body,” says WA Council member Anna Lane.

“I’d also really recommend the regional councillor role to anyone wanting to learn about the processes and procedures of boards, because it is extremely well run and is great for that board experience.”

The councils play a key role in allowing members to provide input on policy and member issues and they are a valuable conduit of information and views for members in the region.

Each regional council is made up of nine councillors who sit three-year terms. In Western Australia, the current council is made up of members across public practice, corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. The election will run from 2-31 August, then the appointment nominations run from 14 Oct-4 November.

Lane’s deep engagement with CA ANZ began around six years ago when she joined the sub-committee for CAs in business. 

That experience gave her exposure to the regional council and she was motivated to continue her involvement at a more senior level, and so joined the council three years ago.

Lane says that she used her CA to gain international experience in London where she developed skills in project and change management at Accenture.

'I have personally gained a lot from being a CA, and although I’ve been a member for many years and paid my fees I wanted to do more than just tick that box.'
WA Council member Anna Lane

On her return to WA she worked freelance while bringing up a family and went back to fulltime work when her children were older. 

“I came to a realisation that I really wanted to get back into a professional network, and also contribute back to CA,” says Lane.

From an executive position at the WA Football Commission she is now the manager of finance and corporate services at NDIS provider myintegra, a role she combines with time as a CA ANZ regional councillor.

“I have personally gained a lot from being a CA, and although I’ve been a member for many years and paid my fees I wanted to do more than just tick that box.”

Another WA councillor, Linda Lim, enjoys the opportunity to advocate on behalf of members.

“I’ve always been a big advocate for CA ANZ and as a mentor have done a lot of tutoring, and I was looking to get more involved with the organisation,” says Lim.

Lim, who gained her CA in 2000, is now the business manager for Woodside Energy’s Scarborough gas project in Western Australia.

It is the latest chapter in a career that began in audit at Arthur Andersen, took her to London and then back to her native Perth to a role at Woodside, where she was financial controller before moving to the company’s Scarborough project.

“I can change things and inform our members and help them understand how we are changing and how those changes might affect them,” she says.

“I genuinely believe the CA is the best thing I’ve ever done, but getting the qualification is only your ticket in the door, there’s so much more to get out of it.”

Another WA regional councillor, Lisa Hando, is also a partner at PwC Australia, says that while she has known many of her peers over several decades, “it’s been great sitting on the same side of the table with them on the council.”

“You couldn’t plan it any better really,” she says.

“There’s a real diversity in backgrounds, ages and working experience, and it’s not only great fun but you can really learn a lot from the other people.”

Accountancy is changing rapidly, says Hando, and her involvement with CA ANZ gives her a role as an advocate, but also a chance to contribute to “moving our industry and our profession forward”.

“It’s not just about attending the board meetings,” she says.

“It’s about having some input into CAs’ role in the state as business and the profession transforms.”

Nominations to Regional Councils are now open

The election process for new CA ANZ Regional Councillor positions.

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