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Queensland Regional Update March 2019

All the local news from the Queensland office

In Brief

  • Regional Council Chair update
  • Recap of March events
  • Upcoming in 2019
  • Opportunities and updates

Regional Council Chair Update

Firstly, would like to say that it is an honour to serve as your state chair for this year & look forward to attending as many member events around the state as possible and especially in the regions.

As I live in North West Qld I have seen the devastation caused to both property and livestock across the area. Federal and State Government assistance to landholders has been very good with a speedy rollout.

To give you a snapshot of one region – The Winton Shire Council area. To date the council has distributed $635,000 to 127 landholders in $5,000 grants to bury livestock. The total allocation for this purpose is $650,000. The Council has made 1490 calls in relation to support & wellbeing matters and has distributed $48,000 in hardship payments and made 39 emergency food drops. These monies represent Federal Government funding. The highest rainfall recorded in the shire over the period of the event was just over 34 inches.

There does appear to be a gap in assistance to the small businesses operating in the small towns and even in Townsville in comparison to landholders with only direct flood damage and clean up funding available at present. It is apparent there will be ongoing and lengthy mental health issues in the region. From speaking to health professionals in the area this is now emerging as a significant issue and will have long term effects.

On happier matters it is pleasing to see that the CA Catalyst team are planning to hold a series of 2-day events in regional Australia with the first being in Armidale NSW in September of this year. These events will involve keynote speakers, spotlighting members as experts in their region, workshops etc with CAANZ partners Stone & Chalk and Sprout X in the Agri Tech area contributing.

Planning is also well advanced to bring the Queensland Council meeting to Rockhampton on 6 June to work in with the RRAC member event in that city on 7 & 8 June which will involve attendance at the “Polo in the Park” day on 8 June.

This promises to be one of the highlights of the year, particularly for members in Central Queensland, and I look forward to seeing many of you at that time.

Peter O’Regan FCA
Queensland Regional Council Chair 2019

Recap of March Events

March has been a busy month in CAANZ Queensland. We hosted three regional events, with a member event in Rockhampton to kick-off the beginning of March, followed by events in Townsville and Toowoomba which attracted many members.

During the middle of the month we held the Brisbane Employment Evening, Accounting Conference, Audit Conference and the Brisbane Certificate Presentation Ceremony. We also had visitors from the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and ACCA.

This week brings a rare opportunity as we host our CA ANZ President, Mr Stephen Walker, our CEO Rick Ellis as well as the CA ANZ Board and Council. See below for highlights of our events and what they entailed.

Qld Employment Evening – Wednesday 13 March

QLD Employment Evening 2019 ran successfully with just over 500 students and university stakeholders attending the event at The Mercure, in Brisbane on the 13th of March. 30 exhibitors provided insight into future opportunities within their organisation as well as detailed information about their company philosophy. Students were also given the opportunity to take part in speaker sessions, professional photography and mock interviews. Mock interviewers including exhibitor representatives and Hays ran 15-minute interviews and our special speakers from Bentleys, Mazars and Birdee (Kate Tanner, Robert Pitt and Michael Huisinkveld) ran sessions that fully engaged our attendees. The support our CAs, YCAs and our internal staff provided to the next generation of professionals was invaluable. Everyone played a part in bringing all the employers and members together.

Brisbane Accounting and Audit Conference

There were over 200 attendees at the Brisbane Accounting Conference and over 80 attended the Audit Conference. Both were highly successful events, well-received by members, with key insights from local and national speakers.

Key Events for April 2019

  • Mon 01: Brisbane Sharing Knowledge Luncheon: FASEA Update
  • Thu 04: Mackay Members Lunch
  • Tue 09: Brisbane Southside Members Group
  • Thu 11: Building Knowledge: Members in Business
  • Mon 15: Brisbane Professional Ethics Workshop
  • Tue 16: Brisbane Small Firm Big Bang at Fishburners – CA Catalyst
  • Tue 16: Advisory Board Essentials Workshop
  • Wed 17: Gold Coast Members Group
  • Thu 18: Building Knowledge: Not for Profit
  • Tue 23: Brisbane Public Practice Program Day1
  • Wed 24: Brisbane Public Practice Program Day 2
  • Wed 24: Gold Coast YCA Networking Event
  • Tue 30: Brisbane Sharing Knowledge Tax Advisory

Please contact the Queensland office for any further information or visit the CAANZ Store to search regional events and more.

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Opportunities and Updates

QLD Resources and Energy Community

The QLD Resources and Energy Community held its first Networking event in Brisbane on 14th March, which was attended by 45 Finance Professionals in the Recourses and Energy field, the purpose of the community is to:

  • Build strong networking relationships and a virtual platform to connect community members
  • Co-ordinate meaningful events that add value to community members
  • Enable collaboration and sharing of learning and information between members
  • Champion and promote our members and the designation

The community is an agnostic group established by CA ANZ through QCAP.

Our Corporate Partners for this initiative include Anglo American, Arrow Energy, Aurizon, BHP, Energy Queensland, Rio Tinto, Santos, Shell, Thiess and each corporate partner has provided representation to assist with the planning, hosting and support of the community.

To join this community please contact Corporate Account Manager Siobahn Whitehead at

Student Tax Clinics: Opportunity for members

Members are invited to consider being involved with an exciting new initiative: Student Tax Clinics.

To be established at Griffith University’s Logan campus from July 2019, the Student Tax Clinics will provide the opportunity to society’s most vulnerable people to get tax assistance from students, under the supervision of a Registered Tax Agent. The Clinics will be able help to assist those who are having problems navigating Australia’s complex tax system, including providing advice about their rights and obligations.

As part of this initiative it is possible for industry professionals to make a contribution. Such industry contributions could include:

  • supporting and mentoring the students engaged at the clinics;
  • providing pro bono advice;
  • referrals service for more complex matters; and
  • presenting as part of community tax education seminars.

If you are interested in being involved or have any questions please email Professor Brett Freudenberg at

Queensland Small Business Week (QSBW)

Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2019.

Register here

CAANZ expects to participate in plenty of activities which connect our members and their clients in small business to helpful initiatives and resources. Please visit the link above for more information.

Queensland Young Chartered Accountants Panel

The Queensland Young Chartered Accountants Panel (YCA) is a group of dedicated provisional and full members, who represent members under 35 years of age. Their role is to build engagement and a sense of community amongst our younger membership and CAANZ relies on them heavily for suggestions and recommendations for networking and knowledge events, engagement activities and FUN! As the future of your profession this group is very important to CAANZ and we encourage you to get involved – keep an eye out for the next YCA event near you and for future updates from the chair of our YCA panel Campbell Morrison!

Queensland State taxes – forum for member feedback

The Queensland Commissioner of State Revenue meets semi-regularly with representatives of the accounting, tax and law professional bodies, including the CAANZ. The meetings provide a forum for increased communication between the Queensland Office of State Revenue and professional bodies, including for:

  • the Commissioner and her senior delegates to keep professional bodies aware of progress with draft rulings and issues they are considering; and
  • the professional bodies to inform the Commissioner and her senior delegates of topics and issues that advisors impacted by State taxes regard as potential issues.

It might be that you have experienced particular issues (or interactions with the OSR) where you think clearer guidance is required (eg by way of rulings) or that OSR processes could be improved. If you have any concerns or observations regarding State taxes including duty, payroll tax and land tax, then please feel free to contact the CAANZ – so that these issues can be considered and raised in the forum.

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