Date posted: 23/04/2021

Payment Times reporting (PTR) – portal update and FAQs

The PTR reporting portal is now live. DISER has provided responses to some member questions.

In brief

  • The PTR portal is now live and includes reporting templates
  • Businesses wishing to volunteer can register via portal
  • DISER has responded to 58 member questions raised during the recent PTR knowledge session webinar

The Payment Times Reporting Portal is now live

The Payment Times Reporting Portal is now live on the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) website. The portal’s main page outlines the steps required to access the portal, the option for small businesses to opt-in or out of being identified by the Small Business Identification (SBI) tool as well as the PTR templates for reporting entities.

Identified reporting entities have been directly emailed by DISER who have provided further information as well as the PTR templates.

Although volunteer reporting is not yet available, those entities that would like to volunteer can login to the PTR Portal to register relevant business details and will be updated once volunteer reporting is available.

PTR FAQ’s – Answers from DISER 

In February 2021, CA ANZ and the G100 co-hosted the Payment Times Reporting (PTR) Scheme - Are you ready to report? Knowledge session webinar. The session included Tegan Johnson from DISER and Vince Dimasi CA the Australian Lead of KPMG’s Payment Times Reporting Practice. The session addressed practical PTR issues as well as an update from DISER. 

During this session, many questions were raised in relation to the practicalities of PTR, including reporting criteria for various business structures, practical invoice, and payment issues.

DISER has provided responses to 58 questions raised during the session which is available as a downloadable PDF. 

If you have any queries about the PTR scheme, please contact DISER [email protected].

The Payment Times Reporting (PTR) Scheme – Are you ready to report?

Watch the February 2021 knowledge session webinar co-hosted by CA ANZ and the G100 

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