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Paying it forward - as a mentor and volunteer

Cory Pearson CA wants to use his term as the Young Regional Advocate awardee to pay it forward to the community

In Brief

  • The young accountant is in the running for the President’s Award to be announced later this year
  • Pearson regularly volunteers his services in an attempt to contribute to community welfare
  • He believes resilience of embracing technology quickly and values and sense of purpose will help the accountants survive the fast changing global scenario

For Cory Pearson, being a CA means an opportunity to give back to the profession as well as to the larger community.

Pearson is a financial and management accountant at Scott Technology, an innovative Dunedin company specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced automation systems. He was recently selected as the South Island region's winner of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Young Regional Advocates awards for 2020.

He plans to use his term as a young regional advocate to also encourage other members to pay it forward. 

"We have worked hard and have been fortunate to have reached our designations, so we are all in some position to give back.  There’s an element of stewardship we have to the profession to maintain a high standard, but to also provide social value back to the community," Pearson says.

There’s an element of stewardship we have to the profession to maintain a high standard, but to also provide social value back to the community.
Cory Pearson CA Youn Regional Advocate 2020 for South Island, NZ

"I’d really love to see our CA community not only giving back more, but telling their story to encourage others in the wider community to do so as well," he says.

Pearson also participated in the Mentor Exchange Program in 2018 as a mentee and enjoyed his experience so much that he returned as a mentor this year.

The young chartered accountant has had an interesting career since his first job about a decade ago, having worked in roles from corporate service management to investor relations and business intelligence, and on significant projects like the delisting of Telecom (now Spark) from the New York Stock Exchange. 

Volunteering his services, however, still gives him the bigger satisfaction. " I still get a kick out of approving no-interest loans for Nga Tangata Microfinance, and seeing how the no-interest loan to replace high-interest debt makes a big difference to the person’s weekly budgets.  People go from having cents in the bank at the end of the week to a few dollars that they can use to save," he shares. 

Pearson's achievements have been recognised by CA ANZ South Island Regional Manager Scott Wagenvoord.  "I am very proud to have Cory as a Young Regional Advocate for the South Island for 2020. Cory has been an outstanding member of the Otago Local Committee and this has followed the great work he completed in his time in Auckland with the emerging leaders. Cory is helping me develop and create a Young Chartered Accountants Panel for the South Island and he has been an active supporter of the initiative. Well done Cory," Wagenvoord says.     

Pearson is a strong advocate of the upcoming generation of CAs, especially those in the South Island.

Pearson believes that the profession will emerge stronger from the global pandemic and that an adaptive mindset and embracing technology quickly are key.

"I think our roles are going to change faster towards being more commercial and strategic advisors and away from some of the more traditional accounting functions," he says, while also appreciating the more, younger members in the job market.

"This new and retained talent provides fantastic opportunities to mentor and teach the up-and-comers, and to learn new ways to work, collaborate and solve problems", he says.

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