Date posted: 21/09/2018 3 min read

Our Members' Handbook re-launched on CA ANZ website

Chartered Accountants ANZ has brought our Members’ Handbook back to the CA ANZ website for a more integrated experience for our members.

In Brief

  • The CA ANZ Members’ Handbook has been re-launched on our website
  • The old link will continue to function, and will take you to the new website location
  • Contents of the Members’ Handbook has stayed the same

Today the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Members’ Handbook has been re-launched on the CA ANZ website.

Integrating the Members’ Handbook back into the CA ANZ website will provide members easy navigation and access to the standards and pronouncements relevant only to CAs.

Some changes have been made to the Regulations, however the contents of the Handbook has stayed the same.

General Manager Professional Standards at Chartered Accountants ANZ, Kristen Wydell said all the information from the Handbook would now be available through the CA ANZ website.

“What hasn’t changed is the CA ANZ content of the handbook. You can still find the CA ANZ Supplemental Charter, By-Laws, Regulations and NZICA Rules and Act in the handbook.” 
Kristen Wydell, CA ANZ General Manager Professional Standards

Members will continue to be able to search for key words within individual pronouncements, print, save individual sections of the handbook, and read the handbook on a computer and devices like tablets and phones.

The old link will continue to function by redirecting to the new location.

Members' Handbook

CA ANZ Guidelines and Regulations, NZICA Documents, along with our Royal Charter and By-Laws.

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