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One Young World CA Delegates: Where are they now?

With the 10th annual One Young World summit underway, three former delegates reflect on what they learnt by representing CA ANZ and how the experience has shaped their view on driving social impact.

In Brief

  • Chartered Accountants ANZ sends two young leaders to the One Young World Summit annually
  • Lessons learned at previous summits have driven former CA delegates to drive social impact through their work
  • The skills learned through the CA Program empower young leaders to follow their passion and make a difference

Each year, Chartered Accountants ANZ sends two aspiring difference makers to The One Young World Summit - an event which brings together the world's brightest young talent to be counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders, and global figures.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Summit, and CA ANZ will send along Christian Bien and Lonyta Kalililo to learn how they can accelerate social change.

CA delegates who have attended the summit in previous years have since gone on to establish impressive careers, and make an impact, locally and globally. We speak to Emma Evans CA, Beatrice Aurelia and Jozo Frankovic to discover how their Summit experiences motivated them to make a difference.

Life shaping lessons

Beatrice attended The Hague for the 2018 Summit and is now in a graduate role at Deloitte. A quote, delivered by former Executive Secretary for the UN Framework on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres has stayed with her to date: "If not now, then when? If not me, then who?".

Beatrice Aurelia

Beatrice Aurelia

"This just echoed through everyone's hearts, and it was so inspiring to realise that if you want change, you can't wait. You need to go out there and do it yourself," Beatrice says.

Jozo attended the 2017 Summit in Bogota and is now a graduate at Westpac. He met many young and inspiring leaders, often hailing from more disadvantaged parts of the world. Through these interactions, he learned that being a difference maker often starts with small and seemingly insignificant acts, but they all matter.

"I was blown away to see these incredible stories of change that all started from a small action. It has certainly made me think about how I can affect change, even just in my own circles. For example, I work for a large corporation, which I thought might be hard to influence, but after the Summit I realised that some of the most powerful changes are driven by intrepreneurs," Jozo says, referring to entrepreneurial people who work inside a company to innovate and enact change.

Emma, CEO at CAPI Sparking, attended the Summit in 2014 in Dublin. Like many other attendees, she was initially overwhelmed after realising the scale and variety of global challenges. However, by following the example of her peers at the Summit, she gained a valuable insight that has influenced her decision-making ever since.

"There are many issues, but if everyone tackles a small piece of the wider puzzle, that's when change occurs. It's not just large organisations, it's everybody. At work, I now think not only about our purpose and role in the world, but also that of our partners and investors," Emma explains.

The difference maker skill set

Emma had always felt passionate about a range of important social issues, but the Summit was an eye-opening experience for her as she came to understand just how important accountants are in making social change happen.

Emma Evans CA

Emma Evans CA
"The One Young World Summit made me realise that being a CA is so much bigger than being an accountant."
Emma Evans CA, CEO at CAPI Sparkling.

"I came out of the Summit with a powerful sense of purpose, like I was really contributing to world issues. Organisations that drive social change can't grow without financial expertise, meaning their influence doesn't grow either," Emma says.

"The CA Program gives you such a great foundation that you can take anywhere. For example, I never thought I'd be a CEO! The skills you learn can take you on a truly amazing journey," Emma adds.

Jozo stresses the importance of building a future-proofed skill set that aligns well with both one's career aspirations and their ability to make social change, so that professionals are well positioned to achieve their goals on all fronts.

Jozo Frankovic

Jozo Frankovic

"I'm enjoying getting stuck into learning more technical skills - learning how to code and data analytics. In future, I hope to be able to blend those kinds of skills into a role where I can be making a positive contribution to the lives of other people. I'm focused on learning and absorbing all the experiences I can to allow me to make a real difference," Jozo says.

For an aspiring difference maker like Beatrice, the Summit has had a significant influence on her life. It has inspired her to undertake the CA Program so she has the skills to make a difference in the education of future generations.

"Being a CA means you can work in any sector and for me, education is my passion. I want to improve the education system so future generations have the necessary skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Becoming a CA will empower me to pursue this change and really make a difference," Beatrice says.

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