Date posted: 04/08/2021

NZ Council is looking for new members

CA ANZ is looking for proactive and enthusiastic NZ members who want to be involved in serving on their regional council.

In brief

  • CA ANZ is calling for new members to serve on the New Zealand Council
  • The election process runs from August through to October
  • Current councillors say their terms have been a positive experience and urge other members to put themselves forward

The value of any membership is intrinsically linked with how connected members feel with each other and the organisation that represents them.

CA ANZ has regional councils across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United Kingdom, and leadership committees around New Zealand to ensure members  have a say in the organisation’s strategic direction and operations. 

“I’d like to be sitting at the table and having an opportunity to drive change in the profession,” says Larissa Logan, who chairs the CA ANZ Local Committee in Auckland and who is considering putting herself forward for election to the NZ Council later this year.

“Being on the Auckland Local Committee I’ve been the ears and eyes for the regional councillors, and it would be great to be up at that table and relaying that directly.”

The regional councils play a key role in allowing members to provide input on policy and member issues and they are a valuable conduit of information and views for members in the region. 

The New Zealand Council is made up of 16 councillors (12 elected and four appointed) who have three-year terms . Currently, the New Zealand Council is made up of members across public practice, corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Mike Atkinson FCA is on the New Zealand Council and is also heavily involved with CA ANZ’s public practice program.

He says his involvement with CA ANZ “ticks a lot of boxes”.

“I’m passionate about the profession and keen to articulate the value which CA ANZ delivers and being involved gives me the ability to communicate that,” he says.

“It’s also given me a broad range of good networks, and I’ve been able to tap into these from time to time in a really positive way.

“And the last box to tick is that through my involvement I’ve been lucky enough to MC and attend some really exciting events.”

Atkinson has worked in public practice in Auckland for two decades and enjoys presenting the public practice workshops for CAs receiving their public practice certificates.

CA ANZ, he says, is “always thirsty” to hear the views of members, and involvement at regional council   level “lays down the challenge to those who really care about the profession and its direction”.

“The best way to have an impact on the profession is to help direct that future yourself,” says Atkinson.

‘I’m passionate about the profession and keen to articulate the value which CA ANZ delivers and being involved gives me the ability to communicate that.’ 
Mike Atkinson FCA

Caroline Plowman CA, a representative for Auckland on the New Zealand Council , enjoys the role because it enables her to share ideas and experiences with other CAs, something she is not able to do in her day-to-day work.

Plowman is the chief executive of storage company National Mini Storage and came to accountancy  through her work in the hotel industry.

She worked as financial controller for hotels in Europe and the Caribbean before moving to NZ and a role with PwC, during which time she attained her CA.

“There aren’t any other accountants  in my company, and many CAs working in the commercial world have limited contact with other accountants,” she says.

“I like to keep up my connections and my learning, so getting involved with CA  ANZ helps me in bouncing ideas of my peers, and it’s also something I can be involved with where I feel I can make a difference.”

Larissa Logan CA is a director at EY in Auckland and became more involved with CA  ANZ about four years ago.

“I got my CA designation about 10 years ago but wasn’t closely involved in those early years because I had young children and that made it hard,” she said.

“But as they grew up I had more time, so when an opportunity came along to be involved with the committee I grabbed the opportunity because I wanted to make a contribution to the future of the profession.”

Logan was unsuccessful in her candidacy for the New Zealand Council last year but is undeterred.

“I didn’t quite get there, but most likely I’ll go again this year,” she says.

The nomination period for elected positions is from 2 August to 31 August 2021. If more than one nomination is received for the available elected positions in each area, an election process will be held for members in the region to vote. The elections open on 20 September and close on 11 October.

The election process

Each year, Chartered Accountants ANZ look for proactive and enthusiastic members who want to get involved with the governance groups representing members across the region as Councillors.

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