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NSW regional news update November 2017

Hear about the latest news and upcoming events from NSW.

In Brief

  • NSW Regional Council update
  • Over 1500 members attended various member events and updates across NSW.
  • Upcoming NSW events

NSW Chair’s Report 

The NSW Regional Council met on 6 November and discussion included approval of Council and NSW AGM minutes, a YCA Panel update on initiatives and member engagement; the strategic review; Fellowships, and upcoming events.

Your Regional Council representatives have also attended various recent member events including in Orange, Dubbo, Albury and Wollongong.

I also participated in two committee meetings this month with the NSW Corporate Advisory Panel and the NSW Regional Country Chairs Group (RCCG). These groups respectively represent and help us to engage more effectively with members working in commerce and in rural areas. The RCCG also work with the NSW Regional Executive to facilitate and run local events in their regions to enhance member engagement. 

Another great initiative Council supports is the CA Advisory Group. This group is comprised of senior members and has for many years supported members by providing peer to peer counselling on issues of concern to members.  NSW Members seeking to utilise this service can contact Alison MacDonald, the NSW Regional Manager.

Events wrap up

During the last month over 1500 members attended various events in NSW.  Councillors and other panel members attend events and enjoy the opportunity to engage with members to get feedback and we encourage you to talk to them when at an event.

I was very pleased to host the Anniversary presentation on 21 November.  This annual event, to recognise members celebrating either 25, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of membership, is a very enjoyable event and gives us a chance to talk to members with a wide range of experience, and who greatly value their CA designation.

Another special event is the final Certificate Presentation Ceremony on 30 November. I, and my Council colleagues, look forward to welcoming and congratulating new members and congratulating provisional members who are receiving a CA Program Merit Award. 

Upcoming events

As I retire as NSW Chair in December and this is also my last column for the year, I would like to wish you all a happy festive season for December and the New Year.  I would also like to thank my Council colleagues for their support and contribution to engagement with members during the year.

I also advise that the CA offices will be closed over the holiday period from 26 December to 5 January 2018.

Kate BoorerFCA
Chair, NSW Regional Council

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