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NSW Regional News December 2018

Read the latest update from the NSW Regional Manager regarding NSW Regional Council and committees, and events held and coming up in NSW.

In Brief

  • NSW Regional Council and Committee Acknowledgement
  • NSW Member Certificate Presentation Ceremonies
  • NSW Events Update

Regional Manager update

This is our final Insight newsletter for 2018 and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to the many members who have contributed to the:

  • NSW Regional Council
  • Chartered Accountants Advisory Group
  • Regional Country Chairs Group
  • Regional committees
  • Young CAs Panel
  • Other NSW event groups, such as the golf and sailing committees

Members on Regional Council and our other committees volunteer considerable time in support of our members and CA ANZ. They act as advocates for the members and the organisation, and assist in providing feedback on various initiatives, as well as attending numerous events through the year.

I would particularly like to thank our retiring NSW Regional Councillors Tim Kirby FCA and Andrew Robertson CA, who have been generous in their efforts during their three year terms, and in prior roles with local member groups.

I would also like to acknowledge Heather Watson FCA - who is also retiring, for her exceptional contribution to the Regional Council during her two terms and as a past NSW Chair. Heather also admirably represented NSW and contributed as a member of the CA ANZ Council.

I would also like to thank our retiring NSW Chair, Prof Peter Wells, who has generously contributed his time and input. While retiring as Chair, Peter will continue to contribute as a member of Regional Council until 2020. I am very pleased to announce that George Bogdanovic FCA has been appointed as NSW Chair and Peter Woodley CA will be NSW Vice Chair for 2019. We look forward to working with George and Peter next year

In 2019, Regional Council will welcome new Councillors Alison Flemming FCA, Camille Woodward CA and Ben Wong CA who will each contribute their own perspective and knowledge to their role. Camille is the immediate past chair of the Young CAs Panel and in that role, she assisted us in engaging with our large cohort of younger members.

Young CA Panel

The YCA Panel’s new chair is Ryan Hanson CA and vice chair is Jerel David CA. Ryan, Jerel and other panel members will work closely with our events team to assist in identifying relevant topics for young member events and also provide feedback on relevant initiatives. Thanks also go to Haasika Aravindan, Kristine Vergara and Chrissie Zhou who retired from the panel in 2018.

NSW events held

Anniversary Celebrations

The membership anniversary of those at 25, 40, 50, 60 and 70 years was an enjoyable celebratory event with 105 members receiving their recognition certificate and lapel pin. After the presentations, members had an opportunity to catch up with previous and current colleagues, some of whom they may not have seen for some years.

Certificate Presentation Ceremony (CPC)

The last CPC for 2018 was held on 6 December with more than 490 members and guests attending, including 212 who received either a CA Program Merit Award or their new Member certificate. We were delighted to have Jane Stanton FCA, retiring President, as our guest speaker. Jane spoke eloquently about her career where she shared the challenges, as well as her achievements with attendees.

NSW Upcoming Events

Hunter and Newcastle Annual Sailing Day: Thursday 14 February

Registrations are now open for this annual Sailing Day at the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club

Register here

94th Annual Golf Tournament

Golfers make note in your diaries for the 2019 golf tournament on 8 March at St Michael’s Golf Club, Little Bay.

To ensure you receive emails and information in regard to upcoming events and other key initiatives, please don’t forget to update your member profile and communication preferences via the website log in. Please ensure you tick the ‘Regional Events’ box if you would like to receive communication about upcoming local events.

I have enjoyed meeting many of our members during the year, both in Sydney and in some of our NSW regional centres. May I take this opportunity to wish all members a very enjoyable holiday season and happy new year for 2019.

Alison MacDonald
Regional Manager NSW

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