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Nominations open for new councillor positions

Approval for CA ANZ’s governance changes opens the way for nominations, elections and appointments under the new governance structure.

In brief

  • The Governor-General’s approval allows governance changes, including nominations, elections and a new appointment process
  • Nominations for a Southern Region position on the New Zealand Council open on 27 August
  • Nominations for six elected positions on each Overseas Regional Councils open on 2 September
  • Expressions of interest for additional CA ANZ Council Rest of World councillor position open on 27 August

The Australia and New Zealand Regional Councils this year transition from election-only appointments to a mixed election and appointment representation framework.

The Australian Governor-General has approved changes to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand's Supplemental Royal Charter and By-Laws. The changes were passed by CA ANZ members in a member vote held in May this year.

The Governor-General's approval allows all of the proposed governance changes, including the nominations, elections and appointments under the new governance structure, to get underway.

Australia Regional Councils

For Australia Regional Councils in 2019, no elections will be required. Currently all six elected positions are filled. In addition, each Australia Regional Council will be making three appointments during this transition year and a call for applications for these positions will be made from September.

New Zealand Council

For New Zealand, in line with the rotation provisions of the CA ANZ By-Laws, one elected position will become available to represent the Southern Region on the New Zealand Council. Nominations for this position open on 27 August 2019 and will close on 20 September 2019. If more than one nomination is received, an election will be held from 27 September to 18 October.

A call for applications will also be made later in the year for the four new appointed positions on the New Zealand Council and for Local Committee positions on each of the 15 Local Committees across New Zealand.

Overseas Regional Councils

For the new Overseas Regional Councils, nominations for six elected positions on each council will open on 2 September 2019 and close on 20 September 2019. Elections will only be required should more nominations be received than positions available. If required, elections for each Overseas Regional Council will be held from 27 September to 18 October.

Following this process, a call for applications will be made to members in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia for appointed roles on these councils.

CA ANZ Council

Under the governance changes, the number of councillors on the CA ANZ Council can increase to between 16 and 25 Councillors, creating greater flexibility to represent a broader range of members. As a result, the CA ANZ Council will appoint a new Councillor to represent those members who will not be directly represented by a Regional Council or Overseas Regional Council.

Applications for the new CA ANZ Councillor position will open on 27 August and close on 20 September. Full members who reside outside of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are eligible to apply for this role.

An independent report on CA ANZ's governance called for a stronger voice for CA ANZ’s increasingly diverse membership, including Aboriginal and Torres Island Australians, Māori, Pasifika and Asian members; members aged under 30; and members in the education, central government and not-for-profit sectors.

The web link for nomination and application forms, and position description is below.

About Regional Councils

Regional Councils give members input into strategic policy and member issues and act as a valuable channel for information and views of members in the regions as well as local member groups.

They can make a significant difference with functions that include:

  • Providing advice to the Board through the CA ANZ Council and management.
  • Communicate on the Board’s strategy and matters of significance for and to members.
  • Assist the Board in raising and maintaining the public profile of CA ANZ in its region.
  • Make changes to attract and retain suitable Regional Council members.

Councilors can expect to commit approximately 75 hours a year to this role across four meetings and other activities.

Elections – governance positions

We have a range of governance positions we’re looking to fill and we’re looking for members to be involved.

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New Zealand Council Elections 2019

Nominations are now being sought for one Southern Region Councillor position on the New Zealand Council.

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How to get involved

As a member you can have your say.

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Contacts for more information

For Australia and Overseas Regional Councils – Wendy Zammit, Governance Manager, CA ANZ

For New Zealand – Beth Steele, NZ Governance Leader, CA ANZ

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