Date posted: 12/12/2023

Message from the Victorian Council Chair – December 2023

Update from Victorian Council Chair, Sam Sargood FCA

In brief

  • Finalising the Financial Literacy proposal is underway
  • Farewell to Councillors Peter Fromont FCA and Vartika Kalapala CA
  • Welcoming new council members for 2024

Dear Victorian CAs,

I would like to start off this Regional Chair update with a few words of thanks. Firstly, to my fellow Victorian Regional Councillors, it’s been an absolute pleasure being Chair over the past two years. Thank you for your support, help and camaraderie. I am very proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to finalising the Financial Literacy proposal for CAANZ Management, Council and Board to consider. 

I would like to recognise and thank Vartika Kalapala for her involvement over the past four years on the Victorian Regional Council. 

To Peter Fromont who is stepping down from CA ANZ Council and Victorian Regional Council, you will forever be known as the COVID Chair of Victorian Regional Council. Thank you for your service to CA ANZ, the guidance and support you have given all of us. 

To all the people that volunteer their time to CA ANZ to be part of the CA ANZ Panels, thank you. Each panel assists with organising and hosting some fantastic events throughout the year. Without you, these events would not be as successful as they are. 

Finally, to the CA ANZ staff, thanks for all your assistance throughout the year. In particular, Andrew Quinlan has provided great insights to the business and has been duly recognised with his promotion to General Manager – Australia Regions. Filling his big shoes is Anthony Takyi who has stepped in seamlessly. 

The 2024 Victorian Regional Council has been finalised with Atisa De Kretser elected as Councillor for 2024 – 2026 and Fiona Hansen being appointed for the same term. 

2023 marked a year for celebration and I was lucky enough to attend, and host, a number of events. A few highlights this year for me have been: 

  • Two Certificate Presentation Ceremonies where we welcomed over 300 new CAs into the fold. 
  • 25 year membership ceremony 
  • 40, 50 and 60 year joint membership ceremony high tea 
  • Awards dinner where we awarded Jan West with her life membership to CA ANZ, Tim Gullifer, Penny Hutchinson, and Taryn Rulton each received Meritorious Service Awards for each of their contribution to CA ANZ, and 19 CAs became FCAs. 

Congratulations to each of you for achieving these outstanding milestones in your career. 

Finally, it’s been an absolute honour and privilege to Chair the Victorian Regional Council for 2022 and 2023. On a personal level, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many members, celebrate very important milestones and be a driver for change and improvement within the organisation. 

As always, the Victorian Regional Council is always keen to hear your feedback or matters of concern. If you would like to raise these and possibly attend a Victorian Regional Council meeting to share your comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Regional Manager - Victoria and Tasmania, Anthony Takyi in the CA ANZ Melbourne office [email protected]

Sam Sargood FCA 
Chair – CA ANZ Victoria Council