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Meet a member: Steve Grivas CA

Meet Steve Grivas CA, a Business Valuation Specialist at HLB Mann Judd’s Audit and Corporate Advisory Division in Sydney.

In Brief

  • Steve Grivas was introduced to Business Valuation through his audit and corporate advisory work.
  • He helps people understand the potential value of a business – and improve it with strategic advice.
  • He believes the CA ANZ Business Valuation Specialist qualification strengthened his reputation in the field.

A partner at award-winning accounting firm HLB Mann Judd, Steve Grivas started his career as a graduate with the firm in 1998.

Working in an audit and corporate advisory role, he became involved in business valuations – something he found he enjoyed. In January 2015 he completed the CA ANZ Business Valuation Specialist qualification, furthering his experience in the field.

“It was a great educational process – and having the qualification next to my name has helped differentiate me as a specialist and strengthen my reputation and brand,” he says.

Grivas says that to value a business, you need to have a deep understanding of how it works.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn a lot about a business, something you don’t necessarily get with other specialisations,” he says. “People tend not to be as defensive: it’s usually easier to talk to people about business valuation than to talk about audit and other compliance matters”.

It’s usually easier to talk to people about business valuation than to talk about audit and other compliance matters.
Steve Grivas CA

Grivas says that an independent valuation process often reveals a gap between what business owners in the business think it’s worth, and its  potential value.

“This can be contentious,” says Grivas. “But business valuers can help by advising appropriate strategies to help bridge that gap or to provide a reason why the gap exists.”

Steve GrivasGrivas says the most challenging aspect of business valuation is the fast pace of change, particularly in terms of technology. Understanding the value of intangible assets can be difficult.

“A lot of people are still trying to understand how to value intangibles” says Grivas. “For example, I recently valued a computer software business, where we had to decide whether to use a traditional earnings method – or base the valuation on the company’s software and other intellectual property.”

Grivas says he loves the variety that business valuation adds to his work life.

“Business valuation lets me deal with a really broad range of industries, roles and people,” says Grivas. “I enjoy finding out what motivates business owners, and working with them to improve the value of their business.” 

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