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Meet a member: Nina Zivkovic CA, business analyst at DigiIO

Read about a fellow member who is passionate about information technology.

In brief

  • What is your passion?
  • Why take up a career in ICT?
  • Where do you see the future of ICT going?

Nina Zivkovic CA

Stabek: What is your passion? What is your profession? 

Zivkovic: My passion is creating a fun and welcoming office culture and workspace, enabling people to achieve great things and enjoy coming to work. My current profession is a business analyst working in IT consulting for DigIO, which is part of Mantel Group. I’m luckily enough to be able to pursue my passion through how our company is set up with the concept of ‘team of teams’. Most recently I was involved in our office move and set-up. Putting a BA hat on, by taking the time to really understand the needs and requirements, for these types of side projects is just as important.

Stabek: What was the reason for pursuing a career in ICT (as a business analyst)? 

Zivkovic: After working in taxation for a number of years, I pursued other opportunities and landed a role in Telstra’s graduate program with a focus on finance. The diversity of people and roles at Telstra was fantastic and I soon found myself surrounded by people whom I admired greatly and were working on services and products used by Telstra customers. I really enjoyed applying the lens of a customer to my work and exploring how technologies could enhance the customer experience as well as benefit Telstra.

Stabek: Do you apply your CA knowledge in your ICT role? 

Zivkovic: I think most people would use their knowledge gained from the CA Program on a daily basis in a number of ways, so sometimes it is hard to pinpoint an exact example. However, one of the most obvious ones for me has been during business case development. Analysis of benefits to develop a case for your idea and financial modelling such as NPV are usually the standard requirement in all business cases. Doing the model is probably the easy part but taking that information and applying it to the real concept you are trying to get over the line is the hard part. The CA Program helps you to understand and do this. 

Also with the growing awareness of cyber security and risk it has been very helpful to have updates from CA around how this should be treated from a financial reporting and business process considerations. 

It is really hard to keep up with all the changes that are happening and there can be information overload.

Stabek: Where do you see ICT going in the future? How can members prepare themselves to leverage from future technology changes? 

Zivkovic: The common theme that I’ve seen most recently is around cyber security. It is important to stay up to date with the latest threats, legislation and recommendations to mitigate these risk of cyber attacks and data breaches for not only us but potentially clients. There are many products and tools on offer to help reduce the risk, particular in the cloud computing space, so I recommend reading blog posts from Amazon Webservices and Google around what they recommend as best practice. 

Stabek: What would you like to say to fellow CAs about engagement with ICT?

Zivkovic: It is really hard to keep up with all the changes that are happening and there can be information overload. My suggestion is to pick one topic you find interesting and follow that in articles, discussion forums and announcements for a month (or more) to help you learn more about that topic without being. 

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