Date posted: 16/09/2021 4 min read

Looking with a different lens: a CA broadens his view

EY Singapore’s Nghia Nguyen shares the benefits of completing Chartered Accountants ANZ’s Business Valuation Specialisation Program.

In Brief

  • Singapore-based Nghia Nguyen from Ernst and Young LLP shares the benefits of completing a CA ANZ business valuation specialisation
  • He says the program has enhanced his ability to audit complex acquisitions and have meaningful conversations with clients

Nghia Nguyen CA, a Senior Manager in the capital markets and assurance team at EY in Singapore, says completing the CA ANZ Business Valuation Specialisation Program enhanced his knowledge and career.

He completed the program in 2018, which he says has added to his ability to effectively audit complex acquisition and investment transactions.

“There are a lot of transactions happening in Asia right now,” he says. “Having that knowledge, being able to understand what’s going on, and looking at it from a different lens, has been really good for me.”

Nghia regularly oversees American public listings in Asia, citing a significant boom in transactions over the past year. He says complex issues can arise when working in this space, which is where strong valuation knowledge is essential. 

“There is a critical need for auditors to have the right skill sets to assess the appropriateness of the valuation applied, because it requires a higher degree of judgment.”

With the knowledge gained, I’m able to ask my clients better questions, which leads to better outcomes.
Nghia Nguyen CA Senior Manager for Capital Markets and Assurance, EY Singapore

More meaningful discussions with clients

Nghia Nguyen CA

Nghia Nguyen CA

As well as boosting his valuation knowledge, Nghia says the Business Valuation Specialisation Program gave him a deeper appreciation of the commercial side of business.

“As an accountant or auditor, you have to follow the accounting standards. But when you look through the lens of a business valuer, you get to see the commercial side,” he says.

“I really enjoyed that part of the program. What I found most beneficial was that it enhanced my ability to have meaningful conversations with clients. I could understand the challenges they were facing and be confident in how to best assist them.”

Nghia adds that while he had significant practical experience in business valuation before enrolling, the specialisation provided a deeper level of understanding. 

“It wasn’t a walk in the park, but it gave me a strong insight into the whole business field. It helped make me a better auditor overall. With the knowledge gained, I’m able to ask my clients better questions, which leads to better outcomes.”

CA ANZ offers Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Risk Specialisations to members residing outside AU and NZ.

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