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Keeping the professional conversation going

Andrew Douglas shares the value of becoming a CA, and why local committees are vital conduits.

In Brief

  • Andrew Douglas says being a CA is the best way to open doors in your career
  • He says local committees are important channels for communication between CAANZ and it's members
  • He says this communication is especially vital as CAANZ and its members handle the COVID-19 challenges

For Andrew Douglas, becoming a CA was about opening doors.

“People have this expectation professionalism and quality when they see you’re a CA,” he says.

Andrew Douglas CA

“Pretty quickly you realise that because you’re a CA, you’re getting more options in front of you.”
Andrew Douglas CA

Andrew runs an audit and advisory practice, and he’s also the chair of the Otago Local Committee, which he sees as serving a vital role for all Chartered Accountants in the region. It’s a collaborative committee; with Courtney Adams, Matthew Anderson, Mariela Carvajal, James MacDonell, Corey Pearson, Rachel Prendergast and Greg Verhoef serving on it.

“A lot of CAs don’t realise all the different services and support CAANZ offers, so it’s our job to tell them about it.”

“I describe it as a two-way conversation,” he says. “The committee hears from our professional body, so we can tell our members at the local level.”

“On the other side, it’s about us hearing from local members and telling CAANZ what’s happening on the ground - are there pain points? And how can CAANZ help us?”

Andrew encourages joining a local committee and says there’s a focus on getting a wide range of views.

“There’s seven of us on the committee, and every year there’s a couple of spots that open up,” he says. “We try and get people early in their career and people who are seasoned, to get that range of views.”

That range of views includes the wide variety of disciplines in which CAs can be found.

“[Otago University] is a major part of the region, so we make sure to get an academic representative,” he says. “This year, we deliberately got someone from Queenstown, because it’s one of the regions hit hardest by COVID-19.”

“We wanted to know what was going on and make sure we had a voice from that part of the country.”

Andrew is heavily involved in his community, serving on Otago Regional Council’s audit and risk committee, and as the intern director for Dunedin Venues, an event management organisation facing the uncharted landscapes of local-only tourism.

“It’s a rather interesting time,” he says.

With major government policies being announced at an unprecedented rate, and businesses feeling all kinds of new pressure, Andrew says CAANZ and the local committees are doing everything they can to support members around the country.

“CAANZ has had to move quickly in how they’re helping,” he says. “They’ve done well, and [the committees] are talking to members to make sure everyone knows what support is available.”

Local Committees

Local Committees (LCs) are groups representing New Zealand members in 15 local areas around the country.

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