Date posted: 28/09/2020

Keeping the CA badge shining bright

Rachel Grimes FCA and Jane Stanton FCA are awarded the Meritorious Service Awards for 2020

In brief

  • Winners are chosen for their contribution to the wider community and for upholding the CA designation
  • The annual award is a recognition of outstanding volunteering effort of members for their life-long contribution to the profession
  • Up to three recipients are chosen by their regional councils

Rachel Grimes FCA (left) and Jane Stanton FCA (right)

Rachel Grimes FCA and Jane Stanton FCA are winners of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Meritorious Service Award for 2020.

The two winners were chosen by the NSW Council from among many other members who continue to contribute to the profession throughout their careers. Councils choose up to three recipients each year.

The Meritorious Service Award is a recognition of outstanding volunteering effort of members who offer their time and skills to give back to their profession.

Both Grimes and Stanton have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the wider community and are excellent exemplars of a Chartered Accountant.

Rachel Grimes

Grimes has had a 30-year history of engagement with her professional association via committees and panels, NSW Council and as NSW Chair, going on to ICAA Vice President and President (now CA ANZ). 

Grimes was also appointed as the Australian representative on IFAC and was elected President of IFAC in 2016 – only the second female and the second Australian to do so. As President, Grimes had the privilege of opening the 2018 World Congress of Accountants in Sydney. She continues to serve the profession as an Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board member.

Grimes joined the ICAA in Australia in 1994 and advanced to a Fellowship in 2002, before being appointed a director in 2006.

She has always been an advocate of the honour of the accounting profession and its strong framework of ethics. Attracting and retaining talent in the profession has been one of her other focus areas in recent years.

Grimes has also been quite vocal about the changing role of accountants and the skills they need to keep up in the face of rapid digitisation, such as data analysis.

She also believes being a Chartered Accountant is akin to having a passport to the whole world.

Jane Stanton

Stanton has contributed extensively to her professional body over several years. Her early engagement was through various CA Program roles and committee memberships. She was then elected to NSW Council, eventually becoming NSW Chair. Most recently, she dedicated considerable time and effort to her roles as a CA ANZ Vice President and President. 

A key focus for Stanton was raising the profile of the membership and addressing the issue of mental wellbeing of members and how CA ANZ could best support them.

Culture in the workplace was a key focus area. Stanton used her term as CA ANZ President in 2018 to drive home the message about upholding the ethical framework and values that accompany the CA designation.

In the shadow of the findings of The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, she reminded CA ANZ members to uphold the integrity of the profession, including by going with their "gut" on the operational cultures of their clients and corporates.

Having always been very open about her struggle with anxiety and depression, Stanton successfully brought out the 'human' side of accounting professionals. She also encouraged community connections and attacked the stigma attached to seeking help.

In the fast-paced, complex global business environment, Stanton believes that in client interactions, technology must go hand in hand with empathy and trust.

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