Date posted: 19/06/2018 3 min read

Join the conversation on New Zealand's Zero Carbon Bill

We’re seeking your views to help shape our submission on New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill

In brief

  • New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill is open for publication consultation
  • The Zero Carbon Bill sets the long term commitment to transition New Zealand to a low-emission, climate resilient economy
  • We want to hear your views on the proposals for New Zealand’s low emissions future

It started with the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreement and followed more recently with the creation of a Green Investment Fund in this year’s budget. Then in early June, Climate Change Minister James Shaw announced a public consultation period on New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Bill.  “The Zero Carbon Bill is about providing stability and predictability, by setting out a clear path and a plan to upgrade our economy and help ensure a stable climate for the future,” says James Shaw.

The Ministry for the Environment describes the Zero Carbon Bill as an opportunity for New Zealand to decide how it delivers its part in the global effort while encouraging action by others. The Bill puts a new target in legislation that gives New Zealand certainty about its long-term goals. It creates the institutions to help New Zealand reach those goals and to hold them to account. It can also put in place the plans needed to respond to the growing impacts of climate change.

The Zero Carbon Bill sets the long term commitment to transition New Zealand to a low-emission, climate resilient economy.  It puts in place the core building blocks that will give New Zealanders certainty that, no matter what Government is in power, a long-term approach will endure. The proposals include putting a new emissions reduction target into law and establishing an independent Climate Change Commission to keep New Zealand on track to meet its goals.

“This is New Zealand’s chance to upgrade our economy. Businesses across many sectors, from energy generation to manufacturing to agriculture, are already taking action or committing to action,” says Shaw.

You can provide your views on the Zero Carbon Bill directly to government. However, we would also like to hear members’ views on the government’s proposals to help shape our submission on the Zero Carbon Bill. Your opinion is of great value to us and we have created a survey so you can easily provide us with your insights and perspectives. The consultation runs until 5pm on 19 July and our survey will close Friday 6 July. It should take just 5-10 minutes to complete.

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