Date posted: 03/03/2023

Join CA ANZ Queensland Coffee roulette

Want to meet other CA ANZ members from around Queensland from the comfort of your desk? Looking to grow your network? If so, join us for the CA ANZ Queensland members' Coffee roulette, round 2, March 2023.

In brief

  • Connect with your fellow members across Queensland
  • Grow your professional networks and gain member insights
  • Register online to participate online, or select the option to meet a member face to face in a 1:1 or group setting

It’s time to reconnect with each other and have some fun! Do you want to join CA ANZ Queensland’s Coffee roulette? It is a great opportunity to casually connect and widen your network with a fellow member from across Qld. We (CA ANZ) will randomly pair you up with another Queensland member.

Disclaimer:  By signing up to coffee roulette you consent to your contact details (email address) being sent to another member in Queensland.

How does Coffee roulette work?

We created a registration form to capture your interest. 

Members who wish to participate in the fun are required to complete the registration form

Members can select their preference on how to participate:

  1. Connect virtually with another member 1:1
  2. Connect face-to-face with another member 1:1
  3. Connect face-to-face with a group of members in your region

Members can also choose to be connected with:

  1. Members working in a specific industry.
  2. Members at a particular career stage
  3. The option to connect with any member with no specific preferences.

Following completion of your registration form, CA ANZ will contact you and tell you your Coffee roulette partner's or partners' names and email address.

Note: If you selected to meet in a group, you will receive the details of all your group members. It will be up to you and/or your group members to coordinate a time, date and place for group members to meet at the same time (this could be a virtual or face-to-face meeting). Spoiler alert: This may be challenging at times given the group members different workloads, schedules, and whereabouts.

Once you receive your pair and group details, it is up to you to work out a time to meet your partner or group. During your conversation you can share stories about any recent adventures or upcoming travel plans, your favourite sports teams, recipes or restaurants, or what you currently have going on at work.


How did coffee roulette come about?

Coffee roulette is brought to you by the Queensland Young CA panel. It was launched in August 2022, and now in March 2023, Round 2 of Queensland members' coffee roulette will commence.

How often should I connect with my coffee roulette partner/s?

You can catch up as many times as you want and your catch ups or meetings can last as long or as little as you want. A general recommendation is to connect for 30 minutes via a virtual teams meeting, or meet at a local café for a 30 minute coffee.

I’ve participated before in 2022, will I be paired with someone new?

CA ANZ will try their best to connect you with someone new.

When will CA ANZ contact me to notify me of my coffee roulette pair or group members?

Coffee Roulette Round 2 will launch in March. 

Registrations will remain open for the month of March until early April. 

During April, CA ANZ will manually coordinate pairs carefully suited to your personal preferences. You can expect to be contacted from mid-April.

I’ve selected to meet someone face-to-face in my region, is this guaranteed?

CA ANZ will try their best to match accordingly to your personal preferences. However, no guarantees are made due to the overall number of participants, geographic reasons, and member personal preferences which could impact your request.

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