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Invest in your future with online continuing professional development

Online continuing professional development (CPD) can help even the most time poor finance and accounting professionals stay up to date with the latest industry trends and become a trusted adviser to clients.

In brief

  • It’s important for accountants to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and practices
  • Sharpening your business skills and technical knowledge to better support your organisation and clients’ needs can be a competitive advantage
  • Embrace the concept of learning as a lifelong opportunity through flexible delivery options

For the busy finance and accounting professional, finding time to pursue continuing professional development (CPD) can be seen as a challenge, yet 58% of Australian employees have found time to undertake professional learning or training this financial year.1

How? Flexible online learning opportunities can help busy accounting professionals find time to future proof their skill set.

While technology is undoubtedly a driving force behind the need for accounting professionals to upskill, it has also increased the convenience and accessibility of many CPD resources that are now available online.

At Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), we are committed to our members' ongoing education and development and are always looking for opportunities to provide a greater range of resources to support lifelong learning.

Our leading educators have developed a range of flexible online learning options solutions to help you sharpen your technical skills and critical capabilities required to stay ahead in an ever-changing world. With CA Education's online learning options, accounting professionals can pursue CPD with the flexibility to choose when, where and how they study.      

Flexible online learning

Undertaking CPD online allows you to take control of your learning through flexible and cost-effective courses.2 With the freedom to balance your career with opportunities to learn new skills, completing a CPD online gives you power over how you choose to shape your continuing education into an arrangement that best suits you.

Recognising the need for flexible learning, Chartered Accountants ANZ's education specialists have developed a diverse catalogue of hundreds of online CPD options including live and recorded webinars, and self-paced courses. Online CPD options span across technical areas such as tax and SMSF, Audit, Financial reporting as well as highly transferable soft skills, such as such as communicationethical thinking and negotiation.

Benefits of online CPD

Online CPD may not only be highly convenient for busy accounting professionals, but also a more powerful learning experience that can help support your career, and equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to stay up to date in your field.

By gaining knowledge and developing new skills, you are empowered to enrich the holistic understanding of finance and accounting that you bring to your role, and enhance your performance. Students who engage in online learning can have more control over their learning process and better understand the material that is current, dynamic and up to date.3

A Charles Sturt University study found online class delivery methods are intended to create an "engaging and sustaining" learning experience.4 Research has also found that online education can lead to faster learning and improved retention when compared to traditional delivery methods.5

The importance of making time

The Australian Bureau of Statistics General Social Survey found that 75% of Australians sometimes or often feel rushed or pressed for time. Between professional and personal commitments, an accounting professional may struggle to make time to pursue CPD and opt to address more pressing tasks.

It's important to not only think of CPD as a lifelong learning journey, but also as a source of long-term rewards. Online CPD opportunities provide busy accounting professionals with the flexibility and choice they require to ensure they stay up to date and ready for what the future holds. Ultimately, with CA ANZ Education's online delivery, accounting professionals can pursue engaging and motivating learning and development options, and enjoy the benefits of applying their learnings to their role, business and clients.

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