Date posted: 14/02/2023

Introducing the 2023 UK Chair and Councillor

Introducing the 2023 UK Council Chair and Councillor who explore what challenges lay ahead for CAs in the UK and how the UK Council can help.

In brief

  • Introducing Chair Veronica Beilby FCA and Councillor Daniel Lecky FCA
  • What lays ahead of CAs in the UK for 2023
  • How the UK Council can help

Veronica Beilby FCA

Veronica Beilby FCA has been appointed as the new 2023 Chair of the CA ANZ UK Council, and

Daniel Leckey FCA

Daniel Leckey FCA has been elected Councillor.  

The CA ANZ UK Council is made up elected and appointed members, providing working opportunities and a place for idea sharing for members in the UK. They meet regularly to discuss current challenges for members in the UK, which are communicated back to CA ANZ Council and, where possible, change is enacted to meet the needs of members better. 

In their new roles, Veronica and Daniel have outlined the greatest challenges CAs face in the UK and share how the Council can help guide members through them.  

Greatest challenges CAs face in the UK in 2023 

Not unique to the UK, but still a major challenge that CAs in the UK face is one of skills and attitude. This refers to the acknowledged shortage of skilled qualified accountants throughout various sectors.  

Call it the ‘great resignation’ or simply a continuation of a trend that has been going for a while, but the reality is that highly skilled Chartered Accountants are in demand right now.  

Second is the point of attitudes, it’s no longer enough to be qualified and have experience. Business is changing rapidly and this means that having an attitude that is open to change is an advantage for a highly skilled CA. Resilience and agility are valuable personal attributes in times of great change. 

When you flip a challenge on its head, there’s an opportunity 

This challenge provides the perfect opportunity for the 2023 CA ANZ UK Council to deliver learning experiences and networking opportunities to ensure our members have the right skills and attitude to progress their careers here in the UK and beyond.  

At an upcoming Strategy Day, the UK Council will be mapping out the 2023 year and the events and experiences that we believe will provide the greatest opportunities for CAs to gain the skills they need and enhance their networks. 

How can the CA ANZ UK Council help? 

“The CA ANZ UK Council is ‘your council’, and its purpose is to be the voice of members.”  
Veronica Beilby FCA, UK Council Chair

Council members are always happy to meet members, hear from members about what they want from their membership body and provide any assistance possible to help out. There is a broad depth of experience among council members with access to a diverse range of industries and businesses, and they can answer many questions about being a CA in the UK. 

Councillor Daniel Leckey FCA outlines three important points in the CA ANZ Council Charter: 

  • The CA ANZ Council should have an awareness of issues facing and affecting the Membership, CA ANZ and the wider profession in all jurisdictions
  • CA ANZ Councillors are responsible for objectively canvassing Member viewpoints at discussion forums
  • CA ANZ Councillors should ensure that Member's views on pertinent issues are communicated to decision makers in appropriate forums within CA ANZ and taken into consideration. 

“The only way I can fulfil my duties is by being present at events in order to engage with you, my fellow members” he says. 

“Equally, and I challenge you with this, I can't engage with you as your Councillor if you are not there. So please, make sure that you are signed up for our events email and following the UK group on LinkedIn and Facebook to keep up to date with our events, and come and meet your fellow members. Then, when you are at an event, please come over and introduce yourself, I'm your Councillor and happy to discuss any items about our wonderful organisation that you want.” 

Maximising your CA ANZ membership in the UK 

There are many opportunities for CAs in the UK including: 

  • Online and live learning experiences – Both technical and non-technical skills
  • Networking events, including YCA Events
  • Mentoring program opportunities – both mentor and mentee opportunitiesChartered Accountants Worldwide learning events
  • Access to Chartered Accountants House in Moorgate, London for events

Find out more about the UK Council members here

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