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Information for CA Program candidates enrolled in Technical Modules

Chartered Accountants ANZ is committed to providing opportunities for CA Program candidates to continue their progression with technical modules during COVID-19.

In Brief

  • CA ANZ is providing the opportunity for CA Program candidates to sharpen their technical knowledge and professional skills with virtual technical modules
  • Exams for the technical modules will be delivered online this term
  • Candidates will be provided with the support and resources they need to succeed

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is continuing to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19, and in response to the disruption, has introduced CA Program candidates to online exams as part of the technical modules.

"CA ANZ is committed to providing ongoing support to candidates of the CA Program during these challenging times. We have made some changes to the technical module component of the program that put the needs of our candidates first," said Eija Burt, CA Program Development Manager.

The course structure and format of the technical modules will continue to be delivered in a supportive online learning platform across a 12-week period and will provide students with the opportunity to network in online communities, engage in technical discussion forums, and understand how to apply their learnings to real-world examples.

The technical modules will continue to be facilitated by experienced Chartered Accountants who will share their knowledge and provide candidates with support via interactive discussion forums.

"From a learning perspective, the technical modules have not been affected by COVID-19 as learning materials and teaching are delivered on an online platform. However, in regard to exams, we have shifted from in-person exams at venues to online exams via Blackboard," said Burt.

"We understand that many candidates are navigating personal obstacles and may find that this is not a suitable time to continue their studies, so the shift to virtual learning is all about giving our candidates a choice."
Eija Burt, CA Program Development Manager.

CA Program candidates who are enrolled in the current modules (Taxation and Audit and Assurance) will still be required to complete three online assessments throughout the 12-week period, which makes up 20% of their final result. However, candidates will be given an additional two weeks to prepare and practice for the final open book exam that will make up 80% of their final result.

"This is the first time that candidates will sit an exam online, so we wanted to give them additional study time, and provide them with the opportunity to practice taking the exam online. We have also extended the timing of the exam by 15 minutes to provide candidates with extra time to adjust to taking an open book exam online," said Burt.

The exam will look exactly the same as the paper-based versions and will still consist of four questions that focus on practical application to real life business scenarios. Eija Burt said qualified Chartered Accountants will still be enlisted as exam markers as CA ANZ does not want any candidates to feel academically disadvantaged by changes to the delivery of the programs.

"At CA ANZ, we will continue to preserve the academic integrity of our candidates as they continue in their learning, while also keeping everyone safe," said Burt.

Candidates who do not wish to take up the online option, for any reason, may defer their examination, or withdraw their module enrolment.

"So for those who are willing and happy to learn, this is a great opportunity for them to continue their learning, however we are committed to continuing to support each and every one of our candidates through this period of disruption."

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