Date posted: 17/09/2021 3 min read

How a forensic accounting specialisation helped this CA stand out

Alvarez & Marsal Senior Director Irene Siu reveals how doing the Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program with CA ANZ has helped her gain recognition in her field.

In Brief

  • The Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program also also helped Irene Siu network
  • Irene Siu says she was impressed with the comprehensive nature of the Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program

Irene Siu CA, Senior Director at Alvarez & Marsal in Hong Kong, says completing the Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program with CA ANZ helped her gain greater recognition as a forensic accountant. 

It also crystallised the things she’d learned on the job, delivering it in a compact yet comprehensive course.

According to Irene, there aren’t that many certifications where someone can truly specialise as a forensic accountant. 

“Doing the CA ANZ Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program greatly helped me, in terms of getting better recognised within the industry.” 

“It also helped in terms of networking with other forensic accountants in the field, not just in Hong Kong where I am, but also with my counterparts in Australia and Asia, where there are a number of CAs present.”

Irene Siu CA in Hong Kong

Irene Siu CA

Structured and comprehensive

Reflecting on completing CA ANZ’s Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program in 2019, Irene says she was impressed with just how comprehensive the program was. 

“It’s structured well – it covered every aspect, from computer forensics to expert witness accounting, to investigations. I do a lot of expert witness work, and I’ve found that other courses and training for forensic accountants focus more on the investigation side – they’re quite light on the expert witness and testimony side.

Looking back, I wish I'd done it a lot earlier.
Irene Siu CA Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal, Hong Kong

“I was impressed with the weight that this program placed on all the different areas of forensic accounting.”

Her advice for others interested in enrolling is to “just do it”. “When it first came out, I was thinking, ‘Let’s wait and see what the content is like and how many people do it.’ Looking back, I wish I'd done it a lot earlier.” 

“Although I’ve been working as a forensic accountant for a long time – and from a skills and knowledge perspective, I would be considered a specialist – having the specialist recognition from this program helps others, especially clients understand and differentiate you as forensic accountants.”

CA ANZ offers Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Risk Specialisations to members residing outside AU and NZ.

Enrolment for the next Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program closes on 21 January 2022.

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