Date posted: 2/10/2019 3 min read

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Upcoming consultations in the Business Reform area on Sustainability, Not-for-profit, Modern Slavery, Culture, Wellbeing and Living Standards, Insolvency, technology and more.

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  • The CA ANZ Business reform team are currently considering a number of consultations below
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New Zealand

New Zealand, technology and productivity 

The New Zealand Productivity Commission is conducting this inquiry in order to provide an independent assessment of the scale and potential impacts of rapid technological change and its disruptive impact on the future of work and the workforce in New Zealand. 

The commission has issued draft report 1 (September 2019), which sets the scene for the inquiry. The commission is seeking feedback from a range of different industries and stakeholders. 

There will be three additional draft reports that will be released in October, November and December. Further information will be added to this page on these additional reports when available. 

Read the New Zealand Productivity Commissions’ Draft report 1 

Who will this impact and why is this important?

The outcomes of this inquiry will inform government on priority policy areas including employment, labour markets and income, education and skills and preparing New Zealand for the future. We encourage our members in who live and work in New Zealand to contribute by sharing your views.

Comments close:  1 January 2020


Insolvency Practices Inquiry

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman will undertake an inquiry into the insolvency system to establish if it encourages practitioners, in the first instance, to restructure the small or family business to turn it around when facing financial difficulties. 

Who will this impact and why is this important?

The inquiry aims to identify areas where practices can be improved and recommend changes to the system to achieve fairer outcomes for all parties involved.  We encourage our members who are insolvency practitioners or small business owners (or work with small businesses) to share your views.

Comments close:  TBA – Interim report due 11 December 2019, final report due 18 February 2020.