Date posted: 6/10/2020

Government announces deregulation agenda

The Government has announced its deregulation agenda which will be driven by the Deregulation Taskforce and the Council on Federal Financial Relations.

In a sneak peek into next Tuesday's Federal Budget the National Cabinet, which has already taken a leading role in the reduction of duplication of processes, will further extend its deregulation push.

Through the pre-budget release the government has flagged a deregulation agenda which will include business reporting, agricultural levies, administration of medicines, early childhood education, and international students.

The government is also set to announce further funding for the Deregulation Taskforce in the budget.

If a new regulation is proposed then another regulation must be removed (or an explanation provided as to why not).

Australia must continue pursuing policy settings that boost productivity and competitiveness, support well-functioning markets, and support business investment, job creation, and growth, if our living standards are to be maintained and improved.

This is why deregulation matters and is one of the central pillars of the Government's JobMaker plan for economic recovery.

More budget coverage to follow.

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