Date posted: 18/10/2021

Global Ethics Day and its importance to Chartered Accountants

Ethics Empowered theme brings the actions of individuals and organisations to the forefront.

In brief

  • Wednesday 20 October 2021 will mark the eighth annual Global Ethics Day
  • The sixth annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating will also be marked on 20 October 2021
  • Chartered Accountants are held accountable to a Code of Ethics

Chartered Accountants are proud of their ethics and integrity, which enhance their breadth of skills and expertise that help businesses across the globe thrive. 

Chartered Accountants ANZ plays a key role in promoting the ethics and reputation of members and plans to showcase their ethics and integrity on Global Ethics Day on Wednesday 20 October 2021. 

Global Ethics Day is run by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and this year the theme will be Empower Ethics. 

The event has run since 2014 and is an “opportunity for individuals and organisations to explore the meaning of ethics in daily life”. Organisations around the world will run events and share resources for those wishing to further strengthen and showcase their ethics as individuals, organisations, or as part of the global community.

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CA ANZ has also signed up to the International Centre for Academic Integrity International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating which will be held on the same date as part of our ongoing commitment to academic integrity.

If you or your organisation would like to participate in Global Ethics Day, your celebration can be as big or as small as suits you, your business and your local COVID-19 restrictions. Here are a few ideas on how you may choose to mark the occasion:

  • Attend one of the complimentary Global Ethics Day online events. 
  • Share insights and images to your social media profile showcasing the work your team does to maintain ethical standards.
  • Share photos or videos of Global Ethics Day activities on your business social media and internal channels.
  • Host an internal showcase for your business, demonstrating the ongoing ethics and integrity knowledge and training.

Use the hashtag #GlobalEthicsDay2021 to join the community on social media for Global Ethics Day. If you use hashtags #GlobalEthicsDay2021, #CAANZ, #DifferenceMakers, or @tag the Chartered Accountants ANZ profile, we may feature your posts on CA ANZ’s social media posts, stories, or website to highlight members celebrating Global Ethics Day.

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