Date posted: 15/05/2018 4 min read

Four top reasons to attend the World Congress of Accountants

Josh Hickford CA, Accounting & Reporting Manager, Financial Services for TSB in Taranaki, New Zealand outlines why he’s attending the World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) in November in Sydney, and why other Kiwi accountants should book now.

In Brief

  • Network with 6000 accountants from across the globe, hear world-class speakers and learn about the latest technology
  • Earn most of your CPD points for this year in just four action-packed days at WCOA 2018, starting in Sydney on 5 November
  • Have fun and dress up for a Melbourne Cup event, hop on a Sydney Harbour cruise, or network at a themed gala night

CA ANZ asked Taranaki Chartered Accountant Josh Hickford why he is “crossing the ditch” to attend the premier accounting conference for the global business and finance community. 

Josh Hickford
Josh Hickford, Accounting & Reporting Manager, Financial Services for TSB, based in New Plymouth.

1) Do you see any career benefits in attending?

I see WCOA as hugely beneficial to my career. I have reached a position where I have gained significant experience, but see WCOA as an opportunity to launch my career from its current position. This will be an event I look back on and say that was a pivotal moment in my career that led to where I am now.

I also want to develop my leadership capabilities and this event will bring together the strongest and brightest leaders the business world has to offer – what better opportunity.

2) What do you see as being the personal benefits of attending?

Personally I will get to engage and network with leaders from around the globe. Being from New Zealand we often look more inward than outwardly in terms of a global outlook.

The ability to engage and share knowledge with business leaders from around the globe is too good an opportunity to pass up. If we are to progress and move our profession forward in this ever-changing landscape, then we must work together globally to do this.

3) Will there be other benefits?

While there are obvious career benefits, this is a great opportunity to build up global connections, not only in Australia, but in countries that are leading the pack in their necks of the woods. It is also a chance to fly the Taranaki and TSB flags on an international stage.

4) What else attracted you to WCOA?

It really is the Olympics of the accounting world, with 130 countries represented and upwards of 6000 delegates. It is the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded individuals to learn, share experiences and discuss how the future may look. Being held in close proximity to New Zealand it makes it much more attractive for Kiwi’s to make the short flight across the ditch.

“This will be an event I look back on and say that was a pivotal moment in my career that led to where I am now.”
Josh Hickford CA,  TSB’s Accounting & Reporting Manager, Financial Services



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