Date posted: 17/09/2021 4 min read

Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program offers a competitive advantage

Yijun Chen CA says the Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program elevates your skills and knowledge well beyond that of normal accountancy.

In Brief

  • Yijun Chen of Trane Technologies says CA ANZ’s Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program can accelerate your career
  • The Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program empowers accountants to take on new challenges

Yijun Chen CA initially viewed CA ANZ’s Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program as a way to get her CPD hours up and cement her existing knowledge but says she gained much more than that.

“It provided instant recognition of my knowledge, working experience and interest in forensic accounting,” she says. “It demonstrates my skills to internal customers in my organisation, my team and also the leadership team. It adds more credit and weight to what I do. That's a big plus.”

Yijun, Senior Regional Investigation Manager Asia-Pacific at Trane Technologies based in Shanghai, completed the course in 2019 and says that when she goes to CA alumni gatherings in Shanghai, she often recommends the course, particularly to young professionals.

“I tell them it’s very interesting for anyone working in the auditing field or in a forensic team,” she says. “It offers a competitive advantage to build your personal brand, expand your network and accelerate your career path.”

CA ANZ offers Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Risk Specialisations to members residing outside AU and NZ.

Yijun Chen CA

Yijun Chen CA

Growth in critical thinking

The specialisation program also allowed Yijun to show to employers a willingness to go outside her comfort zone and take on new challenges.

You need a high level of analysis, personal judgment and collaboration to become a good forensic accountant. That’s where the program adds special value.
Yijun Chen CA Senior Regional Investigation Manager Asia-Pacific, Trane Technologies

“I can show my employer or any accounting firm that I have a very positive attitude towards my work by completing this program,” she says.

“To say, ‘I want to invest time and effort into myself, learn new things and keep my knowledge current,’ it shows that you have a willingness to learn and grow.”

In addition, it helped Yijun further develop her analytical skills, something she believes will become more important as traditional accounting turns to automation for other tasks. 

“You need a high level of analysis, personal judgment and collaboration to become a good forensic accountant.

“That’s where the program adds special value to an accountant’s skill set.”

Enrolment for the next Forensic Accounting Specialisation Program closes on 21 January 2022. 

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