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Flexible & interactive: The benefits of eLearning courses

Do you find you retain information best through flexible and interactive learning methods? We take a look at the benefits of eLearning courses.

In Brief

  • Take control of your learning journey with eLearning courses that are designed to suit your lifestyle and provide you with tangible learning outcomes
  • Flexible eLearning options help you sharpen your technical skills and critical capabilities
  • Chartered Accountants ANZ eLearning courses provide an interactive learning experience designed to address the challenges facing accountants now and in the future

In our rapidly changing world, staying up to date with the latest industry trends and knowledge can help you gain a competitive advantage. But how can busy professionals find the time to commit to continuing professional development (CPD) without having to physically spend time in a classroom?

Technology has transformed the teaching and learning dynamic, as workshops and seminars no longer need to be delivered in-person, and the convenience and accessibility of many virtual learning systems and online courses has increased.

eLearning - also known as distance, online or computer-based learning - pertains to interactive educational courses delivered online (via a computer or smart device) involving comprehensive content on a particular topic, often with a corresponding interactive test/quiz element.

At Chartered Accountants ANZ, we are committed to supporting the lifelong learning journey of our members by providing ongoing education and development opportunities and resources. As such, our leading educators have developed a range of flexible eLearning courses to help you sharpen your technical skills and critical capabilities.

Here are some of the benefits of undertaking eLearning courses for your continued professional development.

Learning in your own time & at your own pace

According to a Brandon-Hall Study, eLearning programs typically require 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.1

eLearning course delivery can allow you to take control of your learning through flexible and cost-effective courses that are designed to work around your lifestyle and provide you with tangible learning outcomes that can be readily applied to your role.

Flexible eLearning courses that are designed to work around your lifestyle can help you to address the challenges of our rapidly changing world, today and tomorrow, and keep you focused on how you can make a difference through your work.

Interactivity encourages engagement

One of the most significant benefits of eLearning is the opportunity that students have to become active participants in an online learning environment.2

Much like traditional face-to-face learning environments, in an eLearning setting students can be supported in their learning with access to a range of resources without having to physically attend a classroom setting.

Based on real-life situations, self-paced eLearning courses also present students with a series of scenarios in which they must decide the appropriate course of action to take in the face of challenge.

This encourages students to engage in active learning, develop their critical thinking skills, and consider the perspectives of their peers in approaching the challenges of the future.

Equipped for today and tomorrow

Recognising the need for flexible learning, Chartered Accountants ANZ’s education specialists have developed a diverse catalogue of interactive eLearning programs, including self-paced courses and case studies.

These courses are designed to help address the challenges facing accountants now and in the future, and cover a range of topics including finance in a digital world and robotics in finance. Chartered Accountants ANZ's eLearning programs also offer course modules that aim to help professionals develop highly transferable soft skills, such as professional scepticism and developing and maintaining trusting relationships.

With the aim of educating students at a time most convenient for them, these eLearning modules are designed to provide students with tangible learning outcomes that can quickly be applied to their roles. As learning is a lifelong journey, Chartered Accountants ANZ aims to support its members on their CPD pathway with a variety of opportunities. Discover the right eLearning course for you and continue your path to becoming a difference maker.


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