Date posted: 07/06/2022

Five tech experts weigh in on the future of accounting

Experts share their insights into how technology will impact the accounting profession over the next few years

As technology continues to redefine the way we work, five tech experts from the accounting world share their predictions on the impact of technology on the future of accounting: 

  • Joe Demian, Manager, Customer Success, BlackLine: Finance will continue to automate, but the focus will shift from operational finance to financial insights. Finance will focus more on service, analytics, and business insights, all of which mandate new capabilities. Although real-time financial data will still be a ways off, quarterly reporting will gradually lose its relevance for investors and management, both of whom require more timely information. 
  • Anu Kukar CA, Cyber Security-Cloud, Strategy & Risk, IBM: Emerging technologies will fundamentally change the skillsets that accountants will need. Artificial intelligence and cloud will require accountants to upskill and understand these for the businesses they advise and/or as they use them in their own practices.  
  • Adem Turgut, CEO, Solvexia: More than ever, accountants will need to leverage automation to remain agile and competitive. This is exciting, because modern, low and no-code automation will continue to make it easier than ever for accountants to save time and transform their work. 
  • Charlotte Evett CA, Emerging Trends Leader, CA ANZ: Looking ahead, the evolving space of fintech will offer many opportunities for professional accountants. They have the technical skills and, because finance is involved with every area of the business, a panoramic view of opportunities and risks. 
  • Phocas Software: One thing the past few years have reinforced is the need to act quickly to adapt to change. With the right tools to bring you financial and operational data into one source, you can empower teams across your organisation to make confident decisions, adapt to change fast, and deliver exceptional experiences.

This range of experts will delve deeper into how new technologies, methods and processes are re-defining the finance function at the upcoming Future Focused Accounting conference on 9 & 10 June. Join us to unpack the challenges and opportunities with technology and get the chance to ask your questions directly.  

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