Date posted: 14/10/2020

Meeting FASEA’s education requirements

We have prepared these frequently asked questions to assist members to navigate the FASEA education requirements.

In brief

  • Completing FASEA’s education requirements as a CA
  • Access FASEA’s education pathway tool
  • Guidance for members with a foreign qualification

As a CA, how much more study will I have to complete to satisfy FASEA's education requirements?

All CA ANZ members practising under an AFSL – limited or full - and  who have completed the CA program since 1972 - either as the PY or as the Grad Dip in Chartered Accounting – have been awarded the equivalent of 6 credits and therefore are required to do 2 further subjects to satisfy FASEA's education requirements.

  • Ethics is a compulsory subject that must be completed regardless of prior learning or qualifications.
  • Some financial planning and SMSF courses are recognised by FASEA. If you have completed one of these courses approved by FASEA, you just have to complete the ethics course.
  • If you haven't completed a course approved by FASEA for one additional credit, you will have to complete either one of FASEA's two bridging courses or their capstone module as well as the ethics course.  

CA ANZ is in the process of advocating for one further credit from FASEA for various further courses, which we need to request one by one.  

FASEA has a list of courses whereby one or two further credits have been approved, but please note that you are only able to utilise one credit as the ethics subject is compulsory.

Courses with an additional credit (thus far) can be found on the FASEA website.

Education pathway Tool

FASEA has an education pathways tool on its website which can assist you to determine the credits/courses you need. If you are using this as a member who has completed the CA program since 1972, take care to specify the units you completed as part of your 'relevant degree'.

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As a CA, how do I complete further study for the ethics course and potentially one more credit?

You have until 1 January 2026 to meet the education requirements, and FASEA is continuing to assess and approve courses for credit towards the requirements, as outlined above.

In the meantime, if you are keen to complete the compulsory ethics requirement, you can enrol with a FASEA approved education provider for an 'Ethics for Professional Advisers Bridging Course'.

As we are in the process of having further financial planning related courses assessed for one further credit, we suggest to you hold off studies in any of the three areas FASEA requires until we have clarity.

At present, prior to 1 January 2026 and if you DO NOT have an additional financial planning related subject credit, you will need to complete one of the following:

  • Financial Advice Regulatory & Legal Obligations bridging course, or
  • Behavioural Finance: Client and Consumer Behaviour, Engagement and Decision Making, or
  • FASEA approved Financial Advice Capstone unit.

What do I have to do if I have a foreign qualification?

For those members who have foreign qualifications, there are two main pathways:

  • If you completed the CA program through CA ANZ in Australia or New Zealand, your foreign qualifications would have been assessed by CA ANZ prior to entry to the CA program. In this case, FASEA merely has to view your assessment. If you are unable to locate your assessment, CA ANZ can provide a copy of your assessment letter.
  • If you haven't completed the CA program in either Australia or New Zealand and haven't been assessed by an Australian Department of Education and Training (DET) or equivalent, you need to have your qualification assessed either by CA ANZ or DET, and then by FASEA.

How to satisfy FASEA’s CPD requirements

We have prepared a handy guide of frequently asked questions to help you with your CPD requirements.

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