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Enhance your career with a specialisation

Three CAs share how a specialisation through Chartered Accountants ANZ has helped their careers.

In Brief

  • Specialisation programs help accountants attract more clients
  • Accountants can take up specialisation programs to build on their skills and knowledge
  • Having extra accounting accreditations can boost your professional networks and your confidence

In most professions, there’s always more to learn. For Ahmad Zubir Zahid (Zubir), Aaron Lau and Jonathon Glew, becoming an accredited specialist has been an important way to win work, deepen knowledge and boost professional confidence.

The three Chartered Accountants have completed one or more specialisation programs with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ).

Zubir is Managing Partner at Zubir Chang & Co and sees so much benefit in becoming a specialist that one accreditation wasn’t enough. He’s completed two – in business valuation and forensic accounting.

“It’s all about credibility,” he says. “Clients want to know you’re capable of undertaking the work. The specialisations are a good way to show them that.”

Win more clients

When Zubir was made redundant from his corporate career in 2014, he started to look for alternative income streams while launching his own business. 

Ahmad Zubir Zahid CA

Ahmad Zubir Zahid CA

“I realised there were several clients out there who needed assistance [in valuation and forensic accounting]. But I knew I needed to obtain credibility to get this type of work.”

“I was already a qualified accountant with an MBA, and had experience in valuation and forensic accounting, but I felt it was insufficient. There's always a lot to learn. I don't believe in sitting still.”

In 2018, Zubir came across the CA ANZ Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting Specialisation programs. He completed both and now highly recommends them to others. 

“I believe you can't be all things to all people. That’s why it’s good to choose one or two specialisations. If you want to develop yourself further and offer additional services to your clients, I see tremendous value in doing them.”

Build on existing knowledge 

Lau, founder of AITLAU Management Services, agrees that the Business Valuation Specialisation program was an opportunity to build on the knowledge he’d developed over decades of experience. He’s a recent graduate and was quick to enrol in his second accreditation. He started the Forensic Accounting Specialisation program in the middle of this year. Lau says the two specialisations will ultimately work well together in his line of work.  

Aaron Lau CA standing at a waterfront in Malaysia

Aaron Lau CA

“The nature of the valuations I do is related to forensic work. And while I’ve been doing it for quite some time, I thought it would be good if I had another specialisation in the forensic accounting field to really complement my work. 

“It’s just another feather in your cap. I would strongly recommend it to anyone.”

It’s good to choose one or two specialisations. If you want to develop yourself further and offer additional services to your clients, I see tremendous value in doing them.
Ahmad Zubir Zahid CA Managing Partner, Zubir Chang & Co

Boost your confidence

Glew, General Manager Malaysia and Financial Risk Management at Rondo Metal Products, became accredited as a Risk Specialist at the beginning of 2021. Risk is an area of accounting that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in banks and corporate environments. It’s also the newest program in the CA ANZ stable. 

An engineer turned accountant, Glew says the accreditation gave him a boost of confidence as well as access to a network of other risk professionals. 

Jonathon Glew CA

Jonathon Glew CA

“During every lecture and every part of the course, there was always something I didn't know. I was continually learning.

“I’ve gone from knowing zero people in risk reduction to now having the contacts of 20-plus people. It’s really useful to hear how other professionals approach things.”

Glew adds that professionals working in fields not directly linked to risk could also get something valuable out of the program. 

“It gives you a toolset for general management and accounting – breaking apart the financial, non-financial and even strategic aspects of risk.”

Become an accredited specialist in 2021

Dates for the next intake for Chartered Accountants ANZ’s specialisation programs are:

  • Business valuation – Enrolments close 4 October 2021
  • Risk specialisation – Enrolments close 4 October 2021

CA ANZ offers Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Risk Specialisations to members residing outside AU and NZ.

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Specialists are Chartered Accountants recognised for their advanced skills and knowledge in niche areas of our profession.

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