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Dual membership provides exciting opportunities

For Jen Shaun Wong CA and CPA(M), a dual membership with the joint MICPA/CA ANZ program has opened the door to a vast range of professional and career opportunities.

Shaun Wong CA and CPA(M)

Jen Shaun Wong

Shaun is a Malaysian GST Agent with over 6 years practical experience in Malaysian, Singaporean and Australian VAT / GST, spanning various industries.

He was formerly attached to a Big Four firm and was seconded to a subsidiary of a UK Multinational Bank, where he had first-hand experience implementing GST in Malaysia. He is currently an in-house tax specialist with Malaysia's largest integrated tourist resort, Genting Malaysia Berhad.

He currently sits on the CA ANZ Malaysia Committee and Young CPA Committee under MICPA. He also represents CA ANZ in the Malaysia Institute of Accountants’ Young Professional Committee.

Question: Do you feel that your CA ANZ membership has been useful in addition to your MICPA membership?

Shaun: Yes it does. This has opened the door to a vast range of exciting professional and career opportunities ever since I completed the programme.

Q: Why did you opt to do the joint programme?

S: I was introduced to the CA Program under the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA, the predecessor of CA ANZ) back in university. Upon returning to Malaysia, I was fortunate that this was offered by MICPA as a joint programme with the ICAA.

Hence, I was motivated to become a CA whilst attached to the Big 4 firm. Furthermore, I hail from a family of accountants as my grandfather was the first CPA(M). Perhaps it’s in my DNA!

Q: Has it assisted you in your career?

S: Yes it has. Coming from a tax background, the programme is holistic and has helped me understand the key business requirements from the respective modules, e.g. financial reporting, management accounting, taxation, and auditing.

However, what I would commend from this programme is the emphasis for members to undertake decision making with ethics and integrity, in line with CA ANZ’s motto, Nec timens nec favens ("without fear or favour").

Q: Would you recommend dual MICPA/CA ANZ membership to others?

S: I definitely do. By having both dual MICPA-CA ANZ memberships, this widens the horizons for potential candidates who wish to obtain a professional accounting profession in Malaysia and also Australia and New Zealand.

Q: Would you like to share anything else about your experience?

S: This programme stands out because the modules are not only exam-based, but also offers opportunities for peer learning and networking, through its workshops.

In this regard, I also gain new peers in addition to my professional memberships.

Q: Do you have any tips for prospective members?

S: When pursuing the programme, one is required to balance between exams, work and social life for at least two years before completing it.

Tips I would share to prospective students are to study consistently in addition to practicing and understanding the exam techniques for each module.

New concessional membership rate introduced

Any person who has qualified through the MICPA/CA ANZ program will be eligible for a new concessional rate of AUD $216.40 per annum for their first three years of membership, with no application fee.

Please note this new concessional rate has been effective from the 8th January 2018.

Want to know more about the new rate?

Click on the link below for all the information on the new concessional CA ANZ membership rate for MICPA members and select recognised overseas member.

Read here

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