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Joint membership offers flexibility and professional growth

Shankar Navarathnam recommends the MICPA/CA ANZ dual membership to anyone who has the desire to pursue their professional dreams and gain invaluable knowledge.

Shanker Navarathnam
Vimalashankar Navarathnam

Shankar's membership experience

I stumbled upon accountancy as a profession way back when I was in pre-school. My uncle, who is a chartered accountant himself, gave me my initial glimpse of success as an accountant. I knew it then that accountancy would somewhat shape me growing up.

I did my local university degree in accounting after completing my STPM (equivalent to A levels) and started my career in Ernst and Young (EY) as an external auditor. During this time, I decided to take MICPA exams to complement my local university degree not knowing about the MICPA-ICAA (as it was known at that time) dual membership program. I had a quick read about the program and its benefits and immediately signed up for it.

This program provides the venue and flexibility to work both in Malaysia and abroad with the GAA recognition that comes with it. I was also intrigued by the open book exam concept, where candidates are tested by their understanding and not merely by their abilities in memorizing textbooks.

This program is essential to my growth as a professional accountant and an internal auditor. It provides me with sound knowledge and good ethical mind set to chase my dreams in the working world. Personally, I believe integrity, plays a vital role for accountants and both memberships take pride in having members that champion ethics in tandem with knowledge. I would always recommend the MICPA/ CA ANZ dual membership to anyone who has the desire to pursue their professional memberships.

My advice to prospective members is to always be well prepared for the open book examinations. Marks are given based on understanding rather than recall and memorization. Proper organisation of reference materials such as the usage of a critical file and proper book labelling can help with swiftly finding data, quotes, examples, and/or arguments for exam answers.

Lastly, do make sure to actively participate in membership events. These events are more than just networking events and the topics discussed provides us with an insight of the current issues/trends that are impacting the accounting industry as a whole.

New concessional membership rate introduced

Any person who has qualified through the MICPA/CA ANZ program will be eligible for a new concessional rate of AUD $216.40 per annum for their first three years of membership, with no application fee.

Please note this new concessional rate has been effective from the 8th January 2018.

Want to know more about the new rate?

Click on the link below for all the information on the new concessional CA ANZ membership rate for MICPA members and select recognised overseas member.

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