Date posted: 07/03/2022

Cyber safety is common sense

An extensive range of resources are available in New Zealand and Australia

In brief

  • Business risks go beyond the traditional
  • Cyber security failure ranked in top 10 short-term global risks
  • Stay cyber safe by keeping up to date

Business risks now go beyond the traditional (credit risk, competition and market factors) and have evolved to being global, interconnected and multi-tiered. Risks that are non-financial in nature which are now being considered include risks in operation, conduct, compliance, and cyber. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors also play a considerably large role in this development.

The World Economic Forum noted in their recent Global risks report 2022 that ‘Our growing dependence on digital systems – which has only intensified in the past two years – has heightened the risks posed by digital or cyber security threats’. The report ranks cyber security failure as one of the top ten short-term global risks over the next 2 years.

With the growing movement to a purely digital workplace, staying cyber safe is crucial to both businesses and individuals. We encourage members to participate and keep up to date with the latest news and resources, both locally and abroad.

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