Date posted: 4/05/2020 2 min read

Be a safe workplace in Australia during COVID-19

National guidance is being developed to assist businesses assess and manage non-financial risks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Brief

  • National guidance on COVID-19 safe workplace principles will be developed by Safe Work Australia
  • Businesses will need to consider and manage non-financial risks to operate safely
  • Resources are available to assist businesses

Safe workplace considerations

Safe Work Australia has been tasked by the National Cabinet to develop guidance, underpinned by ten national COVID-19 safe workplace principles, to help businesses operate safely in the COVID-19 environment.

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance for businesses to consider non-financial risks, the impact to businesses and what risk management tools need to be put into place. And as doors start to reopen for many businesses, the health and safety for employees, employers and the wider community needs to be front and centre for decision makers managing the business' non-financial risks.

Businesses will need to consider issues and questions such as 'What will be the businesses approach when incidents of COVID-19 are discovered in the workplace?', 'How does a business keep its employees safe during COVID-19?', and how to manage the risk of an employee getting COVID-19 and what steps need to be taken.

Planning tool to help businesses reopen and be COVIDSafe

The Australian Federal and State governments have published information to assist businesses prepare and navigate through the current (and post) COVID-19 world. The National COVID-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) has also published an online planning tool to assist businesses as they reopen and be COVIDSafe.

Published resources include checklists and FAQs aimed at making the transition back as clear as possible.

Useful resources

NCCC: Planning tool to help businesses reopen and be COVIDSafe

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Safe Work Australia

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NSW Government State Insurance Regulatory Authority

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