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  1. Q&A: Stock takes during COVID-19

    This technical Q&A answers: Some of the entities we audit are in lockdown over year end so we will not be able to attend the stock take. Is there any guidance on how to deal with this situation?...

  2. JobKeeper – what you need to know

    JobKeeper payment is now law. Check out the legislation and what you need to know...

  3. WA sets up relief for tenants landlords and construction

    WA announces grants for residential tenants, land tax relief for commercial landlords and A$24.5m support package for the construction industry...

  4. VIC Government announces support for tenants and landlords

    $500 million package to support residential and commercial tenants and landlords...

  5. Alternative test for JobKeeper

    New Legislative Instrument on alternative test for JobKeeper to ease troubles establishing the required turnover decline...

  6. Tax return and payment deadlines deferred by ATO

    The tax return and tax payment deferral arrangements announced by the ATO today will be a welcomed relief for hard pressed Australians, businesses and tax agents...

  7. JobKeeper – the Impact on Superannuation and Retirement Incomes

    Mixing JobKeeper with superannuation requirements was always going to throw up unexpected issues. Here we seek to deal with some of the consequences of these payments...

  8. Federal Government coronavirus economic stimulus stage 3

    Measures include subsidies to support telehealth services, mental health support, community support and employees and businesses -the JobKeeper payment grappling with the fall-out of the spread of...

  9. Q&A: Responding to COVID-19 reporting and audit challenges

    This technical Q&A answers: What resources are available to assist me and my clients respond to the business, financial reporting and audit implications of COVID-19?...

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