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Contributing to success

One of the most important parts of being a CA ANZ member is participation.

In Brief

  • Chair of the Canterbury and West Coast Local Committee
  • Advocates participation as a driver of professional growth
  • Awarded fellowship in 2019

Kelvin Mason, FCA, chairs the Canterbury and Westland Local Committee, and says one of the most important parts of being a CAANZ member is participation. It is a group effort with the committee, who comprise of Scott Brown, Rachel Aspinall, Sam Cherry, Emily Chin, Sharna Goundar, Karen Long, Matthew Plaisted, Luiza Veras and David Winter.

"A big part of how we work [with CA ANZ] is in helping to promote and publicise events," he says. "Getting people to come along and make it worthwhile is the main thing because an event is only as good as the people contributing to it."

He says the desire to be involved is especially important for members working in smaller organisations, as it's the key to getting support and training opportunities for professional development.

In fact, supporting smaller organisations was a major driver for Kelvin to join his local committee back in 2011.

Kelvin Mason FCA
Kelvin Mason FCA

"I felt like I received a lot through Meridian [Energy] in terms of support," he says. "In a lot of other, smaller organisations, you don't get the same amount of support and training opportunities."

"That was what made me think, how can I support these smaller organisations? How can I give back to the membership?"

And after nine years on the committee, he's still "absolutely loving it".

With a large, diverse and widely spread membership base in the Canterbury and Westland region, Kelvin says the ability to gather a broad range of voices is important for the Local Committee.

"We want to make sure CA ANZ is providing for its members, and that we are their voice in the region," he says. "We really work hard to listen to people, and it's important they make themselves known to us and push forward their ideas."

For Kelvin, participating and contributing are important drivers of professional growth, and he says there are plenty of opportunities to get more value out of being a member.

"The more you engage, the better your experience."
Kelvin Mason FCA

"Find your niche and if you have the time, get involved as we all have plenty that we can contribute."

For Kelvin, it's "about getting in there and doing things for others, rather than just trying to build up your C.V.".

He says, "You have to have that passion for making a difference."

Having spent many years making a difference, Kelvin was made a CAANZ Fellow in 2019 and was thrilled to receive recognition from his peers.

"The beauty of the CAANZ approach is that it's peer recognition, rather than about years of service," he says.

"Being made Fellow was a real honour."

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