Date posted: 21/09/2018

Changes to the CA ANZ Regulations

The CA ANZ Board has approved changes to the Regulations. The main reason for the changes is to improve the accuracy of our information about our members.

In Brief

  • Changes have been made to CA ANZ Regulations.
  • Contact CA ANZ if your contact details or employer changes.

In August the CA ANZ Board approved changes to a number of the CA ANZ Regulations. The purpose of the amendments, were to:

  • highlight members’ obligations under the Professional Standards Legislation (AU members only);
  • improve CA ANZ's controls over the accuracy of our member data;
  • improve the confidentiality of the Australian professional conduct program; and
  • make "housekeeping" improvements to the Regulations.

The Regulations impacted are;

1. CR 1 - Admission, Readmissions and Membership and Notification Obligations
2. CR 2 - Certificates of Public Practice
3. CR 2A - Professional Indemnity Insurance
4. CR 3 - Public Practice Regulations
5. CR 8 - Disciplinary Procedures
6. CR 9 - Designation, Trade Mark and Practice Name Terms of Use,

The key changes are to CR 1, CR 2A, CR 3 and CR 8;

Regulation Summary of Changes
CR 1 - Admission, Readmissions and Membership and Notification Obligations
  • We have made affiliate membership more portable. Affiliate members who move from one firm to another do not need to reapply for membership
  • To help us contact you, members are to notify CA ANZ within 30 days of a change to their place of business, primary employer or contact details. This can be done via your member log in or by contacting the Member Service Centre.
  • To assist with understanding you and your current area of practice and to ensure our important messages are conveyed, the Regulation now requires you to complete the annual subscription notification
CR 2A - Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Practices are encouraged to have at least one automatic restatement in their professional indemnity policy (CR 2A.5(f)(v))
CR 3 - Public Practice Regulation
  • Professional Standards Scheme compliance obligations have been included in CR 3 in plain English and in greater detail to assist you understand your Scheme compliance obligations (CR3 paragraphs 3.5 and 3.13)
CR 8 - Disciplinary Procedures
  • We have included a specific confidentiality obligation for you if you have a complaint made against you
  • It permits you to share information with your advisers and insurers

The amended regulations are include in the Members' Handbook.

Members' Handbook

CA ANZ Guidelines and Regulations, NZICA Documents, along with our Royal Charter and By-Laws.

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