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Central North Island Regional News April 2019

Find out what’s been happening in the Central North Island.

In brief

  • Regional Manager update
  • Events wrap up
  • Upcoming events

Message from the Regional Manager:

A big welcome to the Region's 23 new members to the designations of Chartered Accountants ANZ being; Courtney Andela CA, Jacqui Lichtwark AT, Paul Davis CA, Rebecca Major CA, Louise Moodie CA, Mackenzie Macky CA, Louis Rich CA, Ashil Singh CA, Zoe Hole CA, Shabina Khan CA, Tiffany McMullan CA, James Gavin CA, Peter Bartholomew CA, Tracey Hale CA, Tina Riddington AT, Trudi knight ACA, Timothy Fitzpatrick CA, Andrew Jukes CA, Hannah Bailey CA, Anna Nicholson ACA, Bryce Jenner CA and Kimberley Mowbray CA. Congratulations, we look forward to celebrating with you in the coming months.

The Central North Island Team has held some great events over the last month, a couple of highlights were the Business InSite's we held in Hamilton and New Plymouth. We had two great evenings at the Hamilton Beer and Wine Co with store manager Chris Barclay and Mike's Brewery in New Plymouth with Ron Trigg, Director and Master Brewer. We hosted 40 members at each event, it was great to hear the stories and insights into both businesses while enjoying a catch up with local members. We also held three round table discussions on the Tax working group proposals around the Waikato. There were lively debates around matters such as, the obvious, capital gains tax, but also some of the less publicised proposals like expanding the tax advocacy service for customers in dispute with IR, and the suggestion that IR should be able to accumulate more data on wealthy New Zealanders via census information! Also discussed was the role of taxes in changing and influencing social norms... all in all a very enlightening conversation.

As the colder months sneak in it is important that we all remember to look after ourselves and one another. The CA ANZ website has some great resources on wellbeing. The team in the Hamilton office are always available for a chat and a coffee so pop in to our office on the corner of Victoria and London's streets and see us.

Resources on wellbeing

Resources for mental health and wellbeing

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Don’t miss out on what’s coming up, these events are proving popular and spaces are filling up fast!

My top picks for the region are:

  • The Hawke’s Bay Business Summit – Tuesday 14 May 
  • Business Insite at Hobson Wealth Partners Tauranga – Wednesday 8 May
  • Waikato Tech week event – The cultural Mindshift – Tuesday 21 May
  • Gisborne Economic Update with Westpac – Wednesday 12 June
  • Taranaki Fellows Panel Discussion – Wednesday 12 June.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page for new events and photos from past events here.

Neal McDiarmid
Central North Island Regional Manager

Past events


Business Insite at Hamilton Beer & Wine Co.

On Tuesday 9 April we held a Business Insite at the Hamilton Beer & Wine Co. in central Hamilton. Joined by 40 local members, we heard from Chris Barclay on the history of the company, their aims for the future and the overall passion they have for the industry they are in. We got a tour of their amazing space and got to sample some of their recommendations. 

Hamilton Beer & Wine Co


Business Insite – Mike’s Brewery and Bistro

Another fantastic Business Insite event, this one held at the iconic Mike’s Brewery and Bistro in New Plymouth. Here we hosted 40 local members and heard from Ron Trigg, Director and Master Brewer who shared with us not only some delicious beer products but also some of the many challenges and changes the business has faced.

Mikes Brewery

Upcoming events

2019 Hawke’s Bay Business Summit – 14 May 2019

The Hawke’s Bay Business Summit is back again for 2019 and brings together the region’s most innovative business minds to discuss global and local trends and developments, and what it means to be a progressive business leader in the Hawke’s Bay. The theme for this year’s Summit is: The Future of Business. We all know that change us upon us. But the pace of change has moved so quickly, it’s not ten, or five years away – it’s now. Open to both CA’s and the wider business community, the Business Summit promises to give you practical insight into how you can adapt to change and leverage innovation to ensure you are well equipped to meet future business demands. So come along and be challenged, entertained and informed at a fantastic venue on the shores of Napier with delicious and food and company.

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