Date posted: 06/07/2023

Celebrating our New Members in Victoria

Over 150 new Victorian members celebrated becoming Chartered Accountants

In brief

  • The ceremony celebrated 150 individuals becoming CAs
  • Speakers emphasised on learning, growth, and community engagement for the new CAs
  • Unity within the CA community and global recognition for the designation were highlighted at the event

On 28 June 2023, the Crown Palladium in Melbourne was bustling with new Chartered Accountants and their family and friends celebrating their achievements at the Victorian New Member Ceremony.

The event was a momentous occasion to celebrate the remarkable achievements of over 150 new CAs who have successfully completed their qualifications. With a strong sense of pride and excitement, the ceremony highlighted the significance of becoming a Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) member and welcomed these individuals into the esteemed CA family. 

Andrew Quinlan, the Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania at CA ANZ, opened the ceremony with a heartfelt welcome to all the new members joining the CA ANZ family. He emphasised the significance of the evening, highlighting the importance of their achievements, acknowledging the sacrifices they made to complete their qualifications, and appreciating the journeys each of them undertook that had led them to this milestone.  

Andrew Quinlan FCA

Andrew Quinlan FCA, Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania at CA ANZ, hosted the New Member Ceremony

Distinguished guests, including Grant Ellis FCA (CA ANZ Vice President for 2023), Peter Fromont FCA (CA ANZ Councillor and Past Victorian Council Chair); Sam Sargood FCA (Chair of the Victorian Council), Fiona Hansen FCA (Vice Chair of the Victorian Council) and their fellow councillors, Lincoln Tong FCA, Rob Dennis FCA and Keeley Dunn CA; as well as Chiau Lin Lau CA (Chair of the Victorian Young Chartered Accountants Panel) and fellow panelists Audrey Chen CA, Andrew Leigh CA, Tristan Ward CA, Sas Wallis CA and Adhira Razdan CA., graced the occasion. Their presence reflected the importance of the event and the support provided by the CA ANZ community. 

Grant Ellis FCA, the Vice President of CA ANZ for 2023, in his message of congratulations, commended the new members on their extraordinary commitment and dedication throughout their journey to become CAs. He underlined the significance of the CA designation, which carries a global reputation for trust, ethics, and high quality. Grant encouraged the new members to seize the opportunities that lie ahead and become actively involved in the professional activities offered by CA ANZ. 

Following this, the highlight of the evening unfolded as the new members stepped onto the stage to receive their well-deserved membership certificates from Grant Ellis FCA.  

Grant Ellis FCA

Grant Ellis FCA, the Vice President of CA ANZ for 2023, presented certificates to new members

Our new CAs also had the pleasure of hearing from Chiau Lin Lau CA, Chair of the Victorian Young Chartered Accountants Panel. She highlighted the vast range of career paths available to CAs and encouraged the new members to leverage their qualification to contribute to the profession's growth and make a positive impact in their respective industries. 

Chiau Lin Lau CA

 Chiau Lin Lau CA, Chair of the Victorian Young Chartered Accountants Panel welcomed the new members

One of the significant moments of the ceremony was the delivery of the New Member Declaration, also known as "The Charge," by Sam Sargood FCA, Chair of the Victorian Council for 2023. The Charge underscored the responsibilities and expectations placed upon the new members as they officially joined the CA ANZ community. The charge called upon them to uphold ethical standards, pursue continuous professional development, contribute to the community, and shape the future of the profession with integrity and dedication. 

VIC awards

Sam Sargood FCA, Chair of the Victorian Council for 2023, delivered the the New Member Declaration

The night ended with the opportunity for members to network with CA ANZ committee members, chairs, and staff as well as fellow new members and guests.

We congratulate all our new members on becoming Chartered Accountants and look forward to seeing their achievements in the future. 

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