Date posted: 06/07/2023

Celebrating Excellence at Victorian Awards Presentation and Celebration Dinner

Congratulations to award recipients

In brief

  • The prestigious event commemorated achievements, community contributions
  • Distinguished professionals were honoured with esteemed titles
  • The ceremony celebrated accomplishments, expressed gratitude, reinforced trust

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) recently hosted its prestigious Victorian awards ceremony, a remarkable event dedicated to recognising and celebrating outstanding professionals who have made remarkable contributions to the profession and community. The evening was filled with inspiring speeches, heartfelt acknowledgments, and a collective appreciation for the outstanding achievements and contributions made by the honourees. 

The grand event that celebrated excellence within the profession was held on 21 June 2023 at the Crown Melbourne hotel and was accompanied by a sumptuous three-course sit-down dinner. 

It was wonderful to recognise some very special achievements by Victorian Members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), including:  

  • CA ANZ Life Membership recipient: Jan West AM FCA
  • CA ANZ Meritorious Service Award recipients: Tim Gullifer FCA, Penny Hutchinson FCA and Taryn Rulton FCA; and
  • Victorian members advanced to CA ANZ Fellowship: Kathryn Brown FCA, Rami Eltchelebi FCA, Anthony Gerace FCA, Shruti Goyal FCA, Fiona Hansen FCA, Sheri Johnston FCA, Adrian King FCA, Monique Ledden FCA, Robyn Moroney FCA, John Ngiam FCA, Brenda Ramsdale FCA, Sam Sargood FCA, Michael Tse FCA and Ray Wei FCA, as well as a few members who unfortunately couldn’t attend the event ceremony – Pippa Andrews FCA, Alison George FCA, Vanessa Nagamany FCA and David Smith FCA 

Congratulations to all our award recipients! 

Sam Sargood FCA

Sam Sargood FCA, Chair of the Victorian Council, hosted the 2023 ceremony

The ceremony commenced with an engaging and welcoming address by Sam Sargood FCA, the Chair of the Victorian Council for 2023 and the host for the evening. Sam extended his gratitude to all attendees and expressed his excitement for the event, emphasising the importance of the stories and experiences shared throughout the night. He also recognised the distinguished guests and office bearers present, underscoring their selfless service to the profession and the community, including: 

  • CA ANZ Councillor and Victorian Councillor, Peter Fromont FCA 
  • Victorian Council Vice Chair, Fiona Hansen FCA as well as fellow Victorian Councillors, Peter Dikranis FCA, Keeley Dunn CA, Peter Murray FCA and Rob Dennis FCA 
  • CA ANZ Life Members and Past Victoria Council Chairs, Jan West AM FCA and David Gibbs AM FCA 
  • Immediate Past CA ANZ President, Kate Boorer FCA 
  • Past CA ANZ President, Jane Stanton FCA 
  • Past CA ANZ President and Past International Federation of Accountants President, Rachel Grimes AM FCA  
  • International Federation of Accountants Board Director and Past Victoria Council Chair, Taryn Rulton FCA 
  • Chair of the CA ANZ Nominations & Governance Committee and Past President and Board Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Tim Gullifer FCA 
  • Previous CA ANZ Board Member, Michael Forde FCA 
  • Past Victoria Council Chair and Chair of the Victorian Public Sector Panel, Penny Hutchinson FCA 
  • Chair of the Victorian Young CA Panel, Chiau Lin Lau CA; and 
  • Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Andrew Quinlan FCA 

Murray Harrington FCA, the President of CA ANZ for 2023, delivered a heartfelt address, expressing his gratitude to the esteemed guests, including past CA ANZ presidents. Murray stressed on the exceptional service rendered by the honourees, highlighting their role as navigators who have guided the profession, businesses, and communities through challenging times. He praised their leadership and commended them as role models for the next generation of accountants. 

Murray Harrington

Murray Harrington FCA, the President of CA ANZ for 2023, spoke at the ceremony and presented the awards 

Murray touched upon various important initiatives undertaken by CA ANZ, including efforts to attract talent to the profession, such as through extensive careers engagement with schools and universities. He highlighted the organisation's achievement of becoming a higher education FEE-HELP provider, ensuring accessibility to the CA Program for a diverse range of candidates. Murray also highlighted the ongoing Professional Conduct Framework Review, emphasising the profession's commitment to upholding trust and strengthening the code of ethics. 

The awards proceedings were divided into three parts, each focusing on a distinct aspect of the profession and its outstanding members. 

Lifetime Membership was conferred upon Jan West AM FCA, the first female president of CA ANZ, in recognition of her remarkable career and trailblazing role in the profession. With a remarkable industry tenure and extensive involvement in various committees and roles within CA ANZ, Jan has demonstrated her commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct.  

Jan's invaluable contributions, including coaching and guiding others in the profession, have left a lasting impact, making her a true role model for future generations of accountants. The ceremony thus highlighted the importance of mentors and their invaluable guidance to aspiring accountants. For her immense contributions that also exemplifies the CA ANZ spirit of "without fear or favour" Jan received a lengthy standing ovation from the audience in attendance at the ceremony. 

Jan West FCA and Murray Harrington FCA

Jan West AM FCA (left) receiving the Life Membership award from the President of CA ANZ for 2023, Murray Harrington FCA

Meritorious Service Awards were presented to individuals who have provided distinguished service to their fellow CAs and the broader community. These awards recognise the outstanding volunteering efforts of members who generously dedicate their time and skills to contribute to their profession. In each region, only three such awards may be given each year. The recognition of these individuals through the Meritorious Service Awards underscores the importance of volunteering and the significant role it plays in fostering a strong and vibrant professional community. Their selfless efforts inspire others to contribute their skills and expertise for the betterment of the profession and society as a whole. 

Meritorious Service Awards

Taryn Rulton FCA (left), Tim Gullifer FCA (middle), and Penny Hutchinson FCA (right) were honoured with the Meritorious Service Award

Finally, the third part of the ceremony marked the presentation of certificates to the new Fellows. It was conducted by Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Andrew Quinlan FCA. The nominees were acknowledged for their outstanding accomplishments and dedication to the profession, CA ANZ, and the community and emphasised the importance of community engagement and philanthropy within the accounting profession. 

The ceremony recognised the new Fellows' achievements but also highlighted their nominators' significance. Their rigorous nomination process and unwavering support played a pivotal role in elevating these individuals to the esteemed position of Fellowship. Recipients were generally introduced by their nominator or by reading some statements from the nominations, to provide an overview of the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions. 

From dedication to sustainability in accounting, commitment to professionalism and integrity, active involvement in community organisations and commitment to making a positive difference beyond their professional roles, every Fellow was celebrated for their outstanding achievements and their positive impact on the profession.

VIC Ward Winners

FCA Awardees at the presentation ceremony

The ceremony was a resounding success, bringing together exceptional professionals and showcasing their remarkable achievements. The event not only celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of the award recipients but also acknowledged the mentors, nominators, and the broader community who have played an invaluable role in their professional journeys. 

Congratulations to all the awardees for their outstanding achievements and contributions. Through their unwavering dedication, commitment to professionalism, and significant contributions to the profession, these members exemplify the highest standards of excellence and serve as role models for aspiring accountants. The ceremony served as a reminder of the importance of continuous learning, mentorship, community engagement, and ethical practice and excellence in the profession.