Date posted: 30/06/2021 4 min read

CAs urged to advise clients to adopt new technology

CAs can play an important role in advising their clients to adopt new technology, encouraging them to boost productivity and begin new, agile ways of working to stay competitive.

In Brief

  • Businesses need to embrace technology to increase productivity and as a risk management tool for the future
  • Automation enables employees to focus on higher-value areas of the business
  • The more tech-savvy a business, the faster it’s likely to grow

Emerging technologies are driving innovation in almost every industry and profession. To stay competitive, businesses need software to help integrate processes, enable remote working and enhance agility and performance, says business systems expert Julius Haralampou.

That’s the message Haralampou is taking to CAs across Queensland over the next few months in a series of presentations in regional areas as part of CA ANZ’s 2021 Queensland Regional Roadshow.

“The pandemic has driven home the need for flexibility in organisations. A lot of companies were caught flat-footed and quickly realised they were not as agile as they needed to be,” says Haralampou, the business development manager for Liberate IT.

“The pandemic showed we need to embrace technology, not only to increase productivity but also as a risk management tool for the future."

Simplifying complex processes on a company-wide platform creates a single source of truth

As trusted advisers to businesses, tech-savvy Chartered Accountants can encourage their clients to adopt new platforms and solutions to take full advantage of current opportunities, whether that’s remote working, integrating processes to create more simplified solutions, or increasing productivity using robotic process automation.

Haralampou has about 15 years’ experience in systems automation, e-commerce, brand management, data analytics and technical sales. At Liberate IT, he helps companies automate and scale their operations using Oracle’s NetSuite, an enterprise resources planning (ERP) platform.

"For example, optical character recognition and machine learning has meant significant productivity increases in functions such as accounting. You don’t need a whole team of people entering and organising data when it can be automated to increase speed and accuracy.”

Haralampou emphasises that automation doesn’t mean reducing staff or employment opportunities. Instead, it enables staff to focus on higher-value areas of the business. It also drives innovation, which fuels employment growth overall.

The move to new cloud-based software that integrates business processes continues to expand rapidly. It can enable companies to adopt more innovative practices, such as delivering unique customer experiences online, or allowing a workforce to complete a range of critical tasks on their smartphones.

Business owners are increasingly recognising the advantages of flexibility, cost savings and data security this provides. “A growing number of businesses are looking to amalgamate and simplify complex processes on a company-wide ERP platform — this creates a single source of truth,” he says.

Integrated cloud-based platforms can enable both business owners and advisers alike to gain more insights into their business and better understand how to improve performance.

Haralampou’s presentation will also include the internet of things, cloud solutions, robotic process automation, decentralised business models and cybersecurity. 

Remote working is now commonplace in many organisations as a result of the pandemic, he says. Liberate IT itself has 40 employees in four countries and covers clients across Australia and New Zealand, with all staff working remotely.

“I’ll also be showing how to keep up to date with developments so accountants can ask their clients the right questions,” he says. “The simple message is this: the more tech savvy a business is the faster it’s likely to grow.”

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