Date posted: 5/10/2020 3 min read

Beyond Blue launches mental health support training for practices advising SMEs

Beyond Blue has created a free, four-part online learning course Mental wellbeing: support yourself and small businesses for advisors of SMEs who may experience mental health issues.

In Brief

  • Accountants are at the forefront of the business crisis and recognise the toll the pandemic is taking on the mental health of their clients and themselves
  • This training from Beyond Blue will help equip accountants with the knowledge and tools to support small business clients and take care of themselves
  • The four modules take approximately one hour in total to complete, making it accessible for busy members

Beyond Blue has launched an online training course to provide mental health support for accountants and small business advisors. The course aims to equip accountants with the knowledge and tools to support their small business clients’ mental health and wellbeing while also looking after their own. CA ANZ and the Public Practice Advisory Committee were pleased to contribute to the development of this training in its pilot phases.

Both as business owners and as the trusted advisors of small business owners, accountants have seen at first hand the impact of the pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of their clients, colleagues and themselves. It will come as no surprise that two thirds of Australia’s small business owners report that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health.

Accountants have been the first point of call for small businesses navigating the business and personal impacts of the pandemic. They are often the first to notice when a client might be experiencing mental health issues.

This free online training from Beyond Blue is delivered in bite sized pieces and can be completed in approximately one hour, making it readily accessible for busy members 

However, they have not been trained to provide mental health support and can lack the confidence to have conversations with clients they are worried about. They can also struggle to maintain their own mental health under the pressure of dealing with clients and managing their own businesses in this challenging environment.

The online course is free and covers four key areas:

  • An introduction to mental health and how to recognize when someone needs support
  • How advisors can look after their own wellbeing in the workplace and at home
  • How to have a conversation with a small business owner
  • How advisers can proactively support small business owners

The training can be completed in approximately one hour and each of the modules can be accessed independently. This makes it easy for busy members to access this important training at a time convenient for them.

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