Date posted: 19/02/2019 3 min read

Australian State Government policy advocacy and member engagement

CA ANZ and Regional Councils to engage members in further policy advocacy and activities with government in their local regions.

In brief

  • State Government policy advocacy and member engagement plans are being developed
  • To engage local CAs in advocacy that creates value for them, their clients and communities
  • Aims to increase awareness, visibility and impact of our advocacy and raise our profile in the regions

During 2018 Chartered Accountants ANZ (CA ANZ) commenced discussions with the Regional Councils in Australia to determine interest in further engaging local CAs in our policy advocacy and activities with their state governments.

Our Advocacy team proposes to work with the Regional Councils to help develop and implement coordinated advocacy and communication plans with the Australian State Governments on policy issues relevant to members in their local regions.

The main purpose of our advocacy is to create value for local members, their clients and the communities they serve.

Regional Council engagement

The proposed objectives of the plans discussed at meetings with the Regional Councils include:

  • Identifying and communicating more opportunities for experienced, local CAs to engage in policy advocacy and activities with State Government,
  • raising awareness and visibility of our advocacy with members and State Government,
  • increasing the influence and impact of our advocacy,
  • increasing our recognition as trusted advisers with State Government, and
  • raising the profile of CA ANZ and members with State Government and in the region.

We are currently determining local policy priorities and a schedule of government policy advocacy and engagement activities for 2019.

Thank you to all Regional Councillors who have volunteered to be Member Champions for advocacy in their local regions.

Updates on our progress and further opportunities for member engagement will continue to be communicated in Insight, the news section on our website and various digital channels.

Questions and comments

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