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Auckland and Northland Regional News March 2019

Find out what’s been happening in Auckland and Northland.

In Brief

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Recap of events

Pacific Island Chartered Accountants Network (PICAN)
The future of tech for accountants and the digital transformation process

In our latest PICAN event, we heard Steve Paea, Sales Manager, Liberate I.T, Rachel Ah Koy, Senior Manager - Digital Innovation for Entrepreneurial and Private Business, PwC, Eli Tagi, Founder, WE Accounting presented on Cloud computing, SaaS and foreseeable changes in I.T. including AI & IOT brings big change and impact for accountants and the accounting profession. They also discussed the opportunities that will arise with this seismic change, and tips to successfully navigate these opportunities. We had a good turnout with over 123 attend which included 27 students from De La Salle College - great to see PICAN providing this opportunity to what we hope will be our future CA’s.

Auckland Inspiring Breakfast Series - It's all about the Relationships - celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

What a fabulous way to start the day. The room was a-buzz with 137 people and another 129 joining via webcast for what was a highly entertaining and insightful presentation.

Jackie Furey, founder of Bedrooms to Boardrooms, discussed how to better understand ourselves and others to have stronger personal and professional relationships. Using her Irish-Catholic family dynamics as examples, accentuated with accent and “that“ disapproving look a parent can give, we easily identified situations, ourselves, family, friends and colleagues.

We were thrilled to host men, women, members and non-members on International Women’s Day, made possible by the generous sponsorship of SmartPayroll.

Auckland Inspiring Breakfast Series

Employment Evening, 13 March 2019

Employment Evening is specifically designed for business and accounting students, to give students the opportunity to have quality conversations with employers looking to fill their cadet, intern, vacation and graduate roles.

Now in its 20th consecutive year in Australia, Employment Evening ran in six regions across Australia and New Zealand where students had the opportunity to take part in mock interviews with HR professionals, hear from guest speakers who are prominent CA members within their regions and engage with a range of our sectors from the big 4 through to SMEs where they also had opportunity to find out about graduate and internship roles with 23 featured employers. We were proud to offer this opportunity to over 360 students who attended.

Tax Update, 19 March 2019

Our Tax Update was a great success with over 380 people registered. Our panel of experts brought a wide range of perspectives and expertise to the discussion of the Tax Woking Group report. John Cuthbertson CA ANZ New Zealand Tax Leader, Professor Craig Elliffe FCA, Tax Working Group Member and Professor of Taxation, Greg Haddon FCA, Taxation Specialist and Aaron Quintal, Economist, shared their insights on the implementation of capital gains taxes, key small business recommendations and scope of environmental taxation.

Auckland Tax update

Invest Hong Kong, 22 March 2019

Auckland members were pleased to be offered the opportunity to meet with overseas guest Benjamin Wong, Head Transportation and Industrial, InvestHK, a Department of the Hong Kong Government. Benjamin was in New Zealand to meet companies and organisations keen to hear of the latest opportunities and trends in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay areas.

It was great to see so many people with an interest in this event and we were happy to provide the opportunity.

Northland social event: Celebrate Comradery and Community

Due to recent events we changed tact and extended the opportunity for Northlanders to unite and share their community spirit by inviting colleagues, clients and contacts to join them to enjoy a relaxed evening outside of the office socialising and playing bowls. In lieu of an entry fee we invited guests to make a donation to Victim Support. It was a fantastic opportunity to support our members who make a difference in the communities in which they work and live.

Upcoming events 

Business Briefs: Create Communicate Connect, 9 April 2019

Rebecca Morris is a behaviour change expert, mindset mentor, speaker and author. She founded Paradigm Shift in 2011 because she repeatedly saw corporate career leaders allowing chaos to reign rather than choosing effective change. She will show you how your thoughts and beliefs drive every conversation you have. Communication is the new currency. Have you ever wondered how you create your own unique positional map, so you can use it effectively within your role? Positioning yourself is critical today - being able to understand how you process information and communicate this process. Having conversations that connect and create power FULL outcomes quickly.

Rebecca will step you through a process to bring clarity about your positional map, and your time-based value rate. Develop your own unique positional map that will give you access to maximising productivity. Learn how to use this map effectively in your role and organisation to achieve better outcomes.

Rescheduled Northland event - Managing Balance, 10 April 2019

We couldn’t complain to Mother Nature on International Women’s Day however it was extremely unfortunate that the wind and cloud did not work in our favour for our presenter’s flight to land in Whangarei.We are delighted to reschedule this event for Northland members - Join us at Plus Pavillion to hear guest speaker Rebecca Morris share insights on how we can stop allowing chaos to reign and start choosing effective change. To achieve balance in our lives we need to put structures in place that will motivate and support us.Rebecca will share with us some practical strategies to help manage the balance across our business and personal worlds such as dealing with guilt, confidence, being heard, feeling overwhelmed, busy, chaotic, self-sabotaging through the need to control — these are only a small part of the mind chatter we have. The event will be held at Plus Pavillion in Whangarei on Wednesday, 10 April, 12.00pm – 1.30pm. Everyone welcome.

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