Date posted: 15/08/2019 3 min read

Annual AML/CFT reports due 31 August 2019

New Zealand AML/CFT reporting entities can submit their first AML/CFT annual report securely using AML Online.

All AML/CFT reporting entities are expected to have their annual reports submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) by 31 August 2019 via the new platform AML Online.

The annual AML/CFT report must include:

  • Contact details and organisation structure
  • AML/CFT risk assessment and programme
  • Products, services and customers
  • Captured activities
  • Ministerial exemption
  • Declaration and signature.

Before submitting your report, the DIA suggests that you refer to the Annual Report User Guide for tips and hints on  making your submission.

There are also recorded webinars available on the DIA website for reporting entities that provides relevant information about the report and the associated requirements. The webinar covers:

  • What the Annual AML/CFT Report is,
  • Why you must submit it;
  • How you can submit it using AML Online;
  • What the six parts of the Annual AML/CFT Report are; and
  • What questions you will be asked.

To register for AML Online, users will need a RealMe verified identity. This can be applied for online now at: The application can take up to five working days to process so please allow for this.

AML Online can be accessed at and the report will take approx. 30 minutes to complete. It replaces the paper form, work in progress can be saved, the portal requires informed estimates (rather than exact figures) to complete and only requires businesses to answer what is relevant.

If you have any questions about the annual AML/CFT report or AML Online, you can contact the DIA directly at or 0800 257 887

Update on our application for an AML/CFT Ministerial Exemption

Our application for an exemption for tax transfers is being considered by the Ministry of Justice. We will advise members as soon as we have an outcome we can share.

Here is a link to our exemption application

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