Date posted: 06/11/2023

An update to CA ANZ’s Climate Change Policy Statement

With increasing calls to achieve net zero GHG emissions, CA ANZ have updated their Climate Change Policy Statement.

In brief

  • Governments in both Australia and New Zealand have committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.
  • The accounting profession can make a significant difference to climate change mitigation across the industry.
  • CA ANZ is providing our Members with the training and support to face the challenge of addressing climate change, and achieve net zero GHG as soon as operationally possible.

Governments in Australia and New Zealand have committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. This goal can only be achieved by establishing a robust and reliable line of communication between financial markets and the global community. Hence, the demand for climate-related financial information has driven the development of disclosure regimes by  Government and standard setters. 

The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Strategic Roadmap to 2025, addresses these demands. Our pillar on sustainability includes initiatives that focus on acting with urgency on climate change.  

CA ANZ’s Climate Change Policy Statement outlines the ever-growing evidence of the scale and severity of climate change, and with it, the potentially profound consequences on both economic and non-economic industries. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, “climate change risks can manifest in different ways for different types of financial entities.” The Statement notes   that a rapidly changing climate may negatively impact productivity, financial and political stability, living standards and employment. 

The Statement also outlines how accountants, as data and risk professionals, can make a difference to support organisations and investors alike through climate change mitigation. 

CA ANZ has joined 13 other professional accounting bodies, together representing 2.5 million accountants, to respond to climate change. At CA ANZ “we support a single set of robust, globally accepted sustainability reporting standards that are integrated, consistent and of a comparable quality to financial reporting standards.” 

Professional accountants have a responsibility to actively engage in reporting on sustainability issues and environmental regulatory compliance. Chartered Accountants must regularly advise on important long-term investment decisions for projects, whose outcomes may be affected by climate change. At CA ANZ, “we believe this will bring significant benefits to the global economy, society at large and serve the public interest.”

CA ANZ considers a clear pathway towards a seamless transition to a net zero GHG emissions economy, to be critical for future investment and business decisions. CA ANZ is providing training and support for Members through CPD offerings, guidance and resources, in order to face the challenge of addressing climate change. We are also equipping the next generation of Chartered Accountants with the knowledge and expertise to meet these new challenges.

 “We signed a commitment to achieve net zero GHG emissions within our organization as soon as operationally possible, as well as to provide support for our Members to do the same.”

CA ANZ’s Sustainability Framework

Our sustainability framework connects many of our existing sustainability initiatives including modern slavery and responsible supply chain management.

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